When you read that statement, do you feel excited or apprehensive?
Do you really believe that this is true?


New science would point us towards strong evidence that our beliefs, thoughts and intentions create the experiences and ‘reality’ we end up living.


So why is it that so many of us struggle with the concept of ultimate self-responsibility when it comes to our stories?

This is one the biggest stumbling blocks that I come to with people in my restorying work.
Why? Because the realization that we have consciously or unconsciously chosen everything we experience in our life on some level is massively triggering for most people.


Again, why is this so? In my experience, we like to blame the things we don’t like in our lives on forces outside of ourselves that we pretend we ‘can’t control’ or do anything about. To realize just how powerful our unconscious beliefs are in determining our life would be to admit we have no one to blame but ourselves (and perhaps the socialized beliefs of our society, culture or family to name just a few sources!).


Each of us carries within our psyche a number of different archetypal persona’s and energies. Carl Jung provided us with much insight into the archetypal nature of human inner and outer experiences, yet his work was based on ancient knowledge. As humans we have always looked for aspects of the outer world that help us to make sense of our inner experience whether this was animal totems from the Paleolithic era or the Gods & Goddesses of ancient Egypt and Greece. These reflections offer us insight into the unconscious workings of our story lens.


But let me bring us back to blame for a moment. How is your relationship to your inner victim?


We each have an inner archetypal victim that is alive and well. We each experience this victimized story lens in different ways and yet it’s a primary human energy that can either empower us to rise above our tests and challenges or inhibit us, encouraging a lack of personal responsibility and a giving away of our power.


Now I know that ‘bad things’, testing things, even horrific things occur to ‘good people’ all the time. This seems to be one of the flavours of life lived in the ‘Earth School’ in a human body. However, it’s not WHAT happens but HOW we choose to deal with and restory it that creates the experience we end up having.


I can’t stress this point enough. I am not suggesting that as a human microcosm that you can control everything that happens to you in every instance through your Buddha like level of awareness (perhaps you can but this ability is rare!). What I am suggesting is that you have the moment to moment ability to choose the stories that you tell about the things that happen to you in your life. It is from these empowering or disabling narratives that your personal myth is created second by second, day by day.


The stories you tell, determine whether your victim sucks away your energy and power like a vampire or whether it serves as a reminder that you always have a choice to rise above and empower yourself by living your tests fully and with resilience.


It has been the moments in my life when I felt most weak and alone that my victim took me by the hand, pulled me up and led me down a new path. My victim reminds me that I write my life story with every thought I think and every word I choose to say. With every new step I choose to take.


What kind of victim are you?

Would you like to change this?


For those of you who wish to go beyond reading the weekly storyhacks, we offer a three-part audio quest that will help you restory your victim for good.


Time to write a new story about your life.



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