A once in a lifetime journey for people who are committed to creating massive positive change in their lives and their communities whilst having a global impact.



Do you find yourself longing to have more of an impact in the world? Alone we have the ability to make a difference: together we become even more powerful. To move from a story of ‘me’ to one of ‘we’ involves a deep process of transformation. This is a coaching journey like no other that will take you on a unique adventure into the core of your souls calling and human legacy. This journey is not for everyone. It is reserved for those special people who are ready to surrender who they thought they were here to be, in order to become the guiding lights of our future world.


Over 12 months we will enter into a deeply personal and transpersonal journey into the heart of our collective human mythologies. We will explore the stories that govern the creation of your current reality and place them into a cocoon of metamorphosis in order for you to transform your work, relationships, health and legacy on the planet. Participants will find themselves moving through layers of personal ‘darkness’ and ‘light’ throughout the journey, all of which will be fully supported by Genevieve and her years of experience facilitating this alchemical process.


This journey is unique in that it is co-created and co-designed from the outset. Working with Genevieve you will continually be challenged at just the right level through online calls, exercises and comfort zone challenges. Externally you will apply your learning to your life though experimentation and inquiry throughout the journey. You will also embark on a deep dive 7 day ‘quest’ in a location selected by you to embody the transformations that you are undergoing in order for you to bring your gifts back to the world in a myriad of tangible ways.




Cancer survivor, all round wonder woman / READ GEOMAYRA'S STORY

I strongly believe that I would not be where I am today without her (Genevieve's) love, support and guidance. She is my rock when I need her strength, my angel when I need her comfort and my therapist when I need her council. I still have a long way to go, but with Genevieve by my side, I feel inspired, motivated and the path seems less daunting with her support.



Senior Advisor and Secretary for Hershey Trust / Hershey Trust

My team and I worked with Genevieve over a number of years. Initially, our engagement was remote, via FaceTime/Skype. We came to think of these sessions as our energy boost with Gen. We found the sessions worthwhile, informative and inspiring. We left each session wanting to be a better version of ourselves and positively impacting those around us. When we had the opportunity to have an in-person session with Gen, it was even more impactful than we had expected. We laughed, cried, learned and loved. Gen helped us find our authentic selves and be better teammates and better human beings. She helped us understand our journeys and our stories. She is simply the best

This journey includes 24 coaching sessions over a 12 month period (2 hrs), unique personal comfort zone challenges, unlimited email support and a tailored 7 day experiential journey (charged @ cost separately).


per month inc VAT

*We offer the first session for FREE to see whether there is a good fit between your needs and the non-traditional coaching style we facilitate.


The world is full of good ideas and people with passion. It is common to find people telling new stories of social change in almost every sector of society. What is uncommon are those individuals and organisations that are taking action. The time of the story maker is here and yet very few people have the tools and skills to catalyse change in our human systems. If you want to stand out from the crowd and become a story maker, this journey will transform you from the inside out, igniting your vocational fire.