Here in the North, the trees are bursting.


The birds are singing at dawn.


And the Spring waters are flowing.

In us all.



Spring brings with it a rising in the energy of Earth and all her children.


The energy of life bursts through outer casings made hard in Winter, for plants, trees, and humans alike.


The growing warmth of the sun and its radiating essence energy awakens within us all a joyful exuberance that has been sleeping.


Just as the trees draw sap up from their roots, through their trunks to the branches, so do we humans draw the rising energy of the season up into our bodies, hearts and souls as the weather warms and we are drawn outside into the arms of Nature.


And of course, with the 1st May comes Beltane.


Beltane is the ancient Celtic celebration of Spring.

Whereas Imbolc on the 1st of February is the first glimmers of the warming season with Snowdrops and Crocus as its messengers, Beltane brings with it High Spring.


The warmth of the Earth starts to radiate upwards, tempting us away from our TV’s, phones, and indoor chores in favour of outdoor play in any fashion.


We begin to have coffee outside again, smiling as the sun warms our bones and gently blows away the constriction of the Winter chill.



So today we went walking through the hills, soaking in the Spring.


The wild garlic was ripening in swathes along the banks of the river.

The leaves of the Hawthorn and the Hazel exploding like star bursts of green.

The bluebells gathering their buds, ready to unfurl in clouds of bright blue in the coming days.


The Curlews sang sweetly over the moors, and I gasped as I saw the first of the Swallows, chirping and swooping in their games over the treetops.


Just like the trees at this time of year, I felt my sap rising.

Like I was pulling new fertile, creative energy up from the soles of my feet as their walked across the hills.

Energy that would feed me in the months to come.


We are not just a part of Nature, we ARE Nature.

Just as much as the birds, plants, and trees.


As Nature, we have access to the natural energy of the Earth as she moves through her cycles and seasons.


We are able to adapt and evolve our energy and lives to harness this essence energy of our beautiful planet.


So why not go outside.

Sit with your back to a tree.

Take off your shoes and socks.

And be free……

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