The Field of Trust

What do we do when we can no longer see the light?


What happens to us when we no longer feel like we have any control over our lives?






Yes – undoubtedly.

All of these things and more.


Yet there is also something else.

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WE ARE Divine

For as long as I have been alive, I have felt ‘bigger’ than my body.

For as long as I have walked this Earth, I have known that I AM infinite.

For as long as life has existed, I have been a part of all that is.


For we are not just human.

We are divine.

We are a part of every molecule in existence.

And every atom that is yet to be.

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There are times when we burn.

We make outer fires warm us. To feed us. To nurture us.


We make inner fires to transform us.

To heal us. And to clear old, stagnant energy systems.


When we make inner fire, we enter the flames to heal.

To whole. To resurrect. To renew.


And there are many kinds of fire.

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