A few months ago, I stopped writing.

Just stopped.

I hadn’t planned it.

I had no excuses.

The Universe didn’t give me any answers as to why.

The weekly habit that had kept me coming to my laptop every few days to allow the flow of the storyhack to come just halted.

But allowed the pause in ‘doing’ to refresh my ability in ‘being’.


I went away and travelled.

I journeyed to my sacred places.

I sat on the mountain and by the sea.


My hands were quiet.

My head had no stories.

And my life changed on a day-to-day basis.

Any time I tried to have a plan; the Universe drop kicked it out the window.

So, I had to let go a layer deeper.


I started to disassociate from the path that I had carefully planned into my future.

I was brave enough to let go of where I thought I was headed.

Opportunities came and went again.


And I found I had no energy to activate them.

It was almost as if I was living in a hall of mirrors where the endless reflections were serving only to disorientate me.


I stopped posting on social media.

I disengaged from the various Telegram and What’s App groups I was a part of.

I stopped seeing friends.


It was almost as if I was being gently guided to move into the cocoon stage of the metamorphosis that comes mid-point in the cycle of complete life transformation.


And then I started to think about where I was placing my energy.

Whether that was in certain relationships or client engagements.

Or simply on social media platforms that felt outdated and fundamentally dysfunctional.


I gave myself the space to have a real-life initiation.

To sit in the space beyond all my stories (forgive the very on-brand statement) and just allow life to come to me.


I was surprised at the results of my conscious disassociation.

Surprises came around every corner.


I was presented with a new work situation that I never would have asked for, nor predicted. Yet here it was nonetheless, and it seemed somewhat imperfectly perfect.


I found myself making friends with people I usually never would have stopped long enough to understand.


My priorities started to morph and change, putting others needs before my own and as a result my own needs transformed and were also served.


And I started to allow myself to be cared for in whole new ways by people close to me – ways that are deeply human and divinely cosmic.


So, I am transforming.

And as a result, I am disassociating from the worlds within which I used to travel.


This blog is both a last and a first.


Beyond Human Stories is leaving Facebook and Instagram.

We are consciously disassociating from the platforms that no long fit our evolving identity and ethics.


From here on in, you will be able to find us on Medium, Minds and MeWe.

New platforms that feel more in integrity with who Beyond Human Stories is evolving to be.


Of course, you can’t separate my energy as the Founder and person who has been representing this organisation and its vision for over 10 years. But I am now being joined by new colleagues and friends who are bringing their own magic, mystery, and medicine to the evolution of this narrative business.


Me is becoming a We.

Just as I wrote about all those years ago in Tough Bliss.

I have always known that you can’t just write a book.

The book writes you.

Again, and again and again.


Tough Bliss is still writing me because it is my story.

And after metamorphosis comes a time of gifting.

So, I am looking forwards to the gifts of life.

Life when we are willing to let go.

So that we may disassociate from all that no longer serves us.

Or anyone else for that matter.


To stop is to stagnate.

To halt is to go backwards as the world changes around you.

So, I am still walking forwards into the mists of unknowing.

One foot in front of the other.

Trusting that I will always end up where I am supposed to be.

Because I choose to see it that way.


I am free.

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