The Field of Trust

What do we do when we can no longer see the light?


What happens to us when we no longer feel like we have any control over our lives?






Yes – undoubtedly.

All of these things and more.


Yet there is also something else.

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WE ARE Divine

For as long as I have been alive, I have felt ‘bigger’ than my body.

For as long as I have walked this Earth, I have known that I AM infinite.

For as long as life has existed, I have been a part of all that is.


For we are not just human.

We are divine.

We are a part of every molecule in existence.

And every atom that is yet to be.

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There are times when we burn.

We make outer fires warm us. To feed us. To nurture us.


We make inner fires to transform us.

To heal us. And to clear old, stagnant energy systems.


When we make inner fire, we enter the flames to heal.

To whole. To resurrect. To renew.


And there are many kinds of fire.

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The darkness gathers

We breathe into the oncoming sleep

The life currents are slowing

We are asked to weep


Not for grief you understand

But to let everything go

We cannot take the past with us

All the old stories must go


The cosmic void awaits

Our courageous leap

Our souls in her hands

The great mother keeps


For the time to begin anew

Has come

No fear can exist

When we live as if we are one



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The days of everything working out according to our plans appear to be over.


The times we are living in are defined by what my friends in the sustainability world would describe as VUCA.




Chaotic and



Just when we think we might be able to see a clear way ahead, it feels as if the Universe then comes and drop kicks that ‘plan’ into oblivion and we are left once again in the void of not knowing.

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The light is fading.


As we approach the time of deep Winter in the Northern hemisphere, we are cocooned in darkness.


But darkness is not what we once thought it was.


As a new perspective on life emerges between us in these times of challenge where seeming polarities are fusing.


We are starting to see that what we once defined as ‘bad’ or ‘good’, ‘light’ or ‘dark’ are simply two sides of the same coin.


We cannot separate things as we once did.


This is the gift of chaos.

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Radical rebellion in times of massive social transformation is often unseen.


It stems from subtle actions that form the fabric of a new way of being.


It goes without saying that we have been living through intense times of stress and change.

Yet humans have always needed this pressure to force evolution.

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This week I offer a prayer that flows from the heart of the waters of our planet.

I offer a prayer in honour of the water that flows through our human bodies as blood.

I offer a prayer to the element of flow that facilitates evolution in our Universe.

I offer a prayer to the waters of life


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When was the last time you had a ‘private’ conversation with yourself?


You know – the secret ones that you would never wish to share with anyone else.


The ones where you stand naked in front of your inner mirror and admit all the things that you think inside but deny even to yourself?


These are the dialogues that change your world.

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Life itself is a spiral.

One that we dance around again and again.


The same lessons romance us into relatedness with the elements of transformation that appear in the form of people, places, projects, dreams.


All so that we can experience our inner worlds reflected in the outer mirror.


The Earth School.

Life as the curriculum.

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This morning I woke up before the sun.

Darkness covered the land, and the night creatures were still going about their business.


Moving quietly so as not to disturb, I found my way to a special place in our garden where I could watch the sun rise over the hills.

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We seem to be surrounded by death right now.


Death of people.

Death of social systems.

Death of environments.


Truly, the death of stories in so many ways.


Yet as we all know, death is an intimate and essential part of life on Earth.


Change is another word for death.

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If you were to take a guess for a moment of how much of your life story (and therefore experiences) were created by your mind, what would you say?


Trick here – it’s your mind that will give you the first answer.


Laughable really.


Now stop.

Take a deep breath.

In fact, take as many as you need to relax (this may take a lot longer than you would expect).


Now ask that question again and this time notice how you feel.


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In times of massive transition, I have come to recognise the voice of my body as an integral guide.


It is a voice we often ignore or drown out in distraction.


It speaks in feelings, dis-comfort, dis-ease and erratic sleeping patterns.

It also tells us when we are ‘on track’ by manifesting synchronicity, joy and miracles.


The voice of my body is ancient and carries within it the wisdom and lessons of my ancestors.


It carries in its DNA and cell’s the potential of my future ones.


My body is an incredible instrument of divine will.

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I am a day late writing this.

This week has been a whirlpool of work, outer world noise and stories all clamouring for my attention.


Yesterday, I felt all the competing deadlines swirling around me like currents in the every changing trajectory of the global river.


And yet still managed to keep my head above the water.

In fact it was actually exhilarating (for the most part).

A bit like rafting on rapids.

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Years ago I spent my first ever day alone on the land at Sacred Ground.


I have written many times about this special place, and you can find out more here (


During this day, I was met by many beings of many races.


The Coyote tribe came to visit me, dancing past where I was meditating and stopping within a few meters for a moment to greet me as I smiled right back.


The Eagle beings flew over my head throughout the day as I passed the hours in contemplation of my life and soul commitment on Earth.


The Buffalo family came to see me, whilst staying half an acre distant so as not to alarm me with their numbers and the force of their love.


My Pine siblings gathered in circle with me and our Aspen cousins, offering the embrace of their leafy arms to shield me from the burning radiance of the midday sun.


I was one with the ecosystem of Earth and I felt in harmony.


That was until the sun started to set.

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Today, I broke camp in the wilds of Wales where I have been playing with my family for a week. It has been a joy sleeping on the land for 7 nights and allowing my body, mind, and soul to adjust to the natural rhythms of the elements of life.


I have found that I slept more deeply and fully.


I ate less and enjoyed my food more.


My emotions have settled into a smooth tempo where the crests and dips of the waves are rolling and flowing naturally – never getting stuck nor heavy. Like the waves of the ocean at play.


Natural rhythm, natural law.

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I stand here in the kitchen of what has been my home for the last 9 years (on and off).


When I came to Avebury, I assumed I would live here for the rest of my days, as magical and ancient as it is.


Yet the Universe had other plans for me.

The Universe always does.

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Does anyone else feel like they are living in a hall of mirrors lately?


In fact, over the last year, it has become increasingly obvious to me that the Universe around us is reflecting back in the molecular structure of our lives the very beliefs, stories and thinking that we are consciously or unconsciously allowing to exist in our fields.

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This week I have been walking in one of the most powerful places of truth teaching in the world. It asks us to enter here with respect for ourselves and all of life. The essence energy demands nothing less than a complete surrender to our soul and our journey.


There is no running away

There is no hiding

Anything that is not complete love must fall away


And it is here that we come to rest in the very place that most of us have longed to return to most of our lives.


“What are you Sacred Ground?”

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Here I sit, located in time.

Fingertips brushing the stone beneath me as I contemplate the mountain of which they are a part. Of which I am a part.


The stones beneath me hold within their bodies the memory of Earth.

Of her passing cycles and her transformations.

Of her creations and her destructions.

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A week or so ago my sister asked me a profound question.

And I answered it perhaps a bit too quickly.

A bit too tritely.


So I have been contemplating it ever since.

She asked me


“Gen – who is the beloved?”


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Harmony: the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole



This is one of the dictionary definitions of harmony.

The word that jumped out to me was ‘pleasing’.


This week I have been extremely busy with clients before I jump on a plane and head to the US for a few weeks of work. At times, my days have felt chaotic, overwhelming and crazy yet they were in harmony.



Because they were ‘pleasing’ to me.

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This week has delivered to me some huge lessons in humility.



Because each time conflict or challenging emotions have arisen in my space, I have seen that I am the source.




Sounds odd I know, but it’s far too easy these days to look outside of ourselves at the person, place or situation and blame them for our inner turmoil or dissatisfaction.


Humans do it all the time.

Because we have been taught to defend ourselves (and therefore our stories) against ‘external threats’.


But why do we feel the need to defend in the first place?

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It is the time of year where birth becomes a daily occurrence.


Following the resurrection times of Easter, we enter into longer days of light, the springing forth of green shoots and leaves and the beginning of warmer winds that herald the stripping off of winter layers.


In the North of England I am surrounded by the birth of lambs in the fields, the rising of early flowers on the hills and the co-creation of new ways of living as the pandemic restrictions we have been under for over a year are starting to lift.


Yet birth is often a struggle.

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We are at an exciting time on the planet.

Yes I say that a lot – but I do truly believe that to be the case.


Most of my life (excluding a brief foray into archaeology) I have worked in business.


Whether that’s for large corporations, smaller SME’s or in the last 11 years since I have been running Beyond Human Stories, a wide array of limited companies, multi-nationals, community interest companies and social enterprise. I have also worked with educational institutions and multiple not for profits, many of which are now run like businesses due to the way funding streams are structured and allocated.


Yet in the last year during a global pandemic, the world of ‘business’ has been able to stop, catch our collective breath, and take a good long look at what is truly important.

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What is your relationship to the primal energy under this seemingly simple word?


Is it in your vocabulary?

In your life practice?


Perhaps not.


Forgiveness is neither easy to say nor do.

It is one of those words that tends to grate up against all the parts of ourselves that we would rather not look at or even see.


Yet it’s power to liberate is unimaginable.

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“Let the words you speak be worthy of the silence they break”




This phrase was spoken into the silence of a circle I was a part of over a decade ago and they have stayed with me ever since.


As a reminder of the sort of deep presence that I seek to cultivate on a daily basis.


How do you feel about silence?

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On this day of new life


I am grateful


In this moment of new breath


I am grateful


For the past and the lessons it has taught me


I am grateful


For the present and the presence, I AM cultivating


I am grateful


And for my dreams and visions of a beautiful future that keep me going


I am so grateful



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Have you ever met someone by following the flow of synchronicity and suddenly ‘just knew’ that you would know them for the rest of your life?  This is exactly what happened to me when natural magic led me to Lorna Howarth, my lifetime(s) friend and co-author of our new book baby, The Soulistic Journey.

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These are the times of unravelling.

I have said it before, and I will no doubt say it again.

Unravelling is as easy or hard as we make it.


The stories we have clung to over the previous hundreds of years are fading away.


Our choice now is whether we will fade with them or embrace a phase in human evolution where we simply don’t yet know the answers.


This is akin to being lost.

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Don’t rush

This is the moment of magic

The moment when you get to rest between choice and experience


Take a breath and


Allow everything outside to gently hush

And know that everything is really inside

Of you


In this ever-present eternal moment of silence

The pregnant catalyst of life

Can you hear it?


A new story is beginning to take form

Somewhere inside of you


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As we approach the shortest day of the year on December 21st and the Winter Solstice, we are invited to step back from the stories that we live our lives by and find some deep peace and reflection space to rest and regenerate ourselves.


After the year that took us all by surprise, we are being asked to use the power of our conscious choice in new ways to create new personal and collective realities. One powerful technique to assist us in doing this is hibernation.


Yes – similar to the Bear tribe, we humans can also find our ‘cave’ and carve some ‘sacred time’ out of our day world to rest, enter into silence and care for our bodies, minds, emotions and dreams.


Taken directly from the December practices in The Soulistic Journey, the extract below invites you to withdraw from your conscious awareness or identity based stories for a period of time so you can discover the true gifts of the year that is passing.



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