There are times when we burn.

We make outer fires warm us. To feed us. To nurture us.


We make inner fires to transform us.

To heal us. And to clear old, stagnant energy systems.


When we make inner fire, we enter the flames to heal.

To whole. To resurrect. To renew.


And there are many kinds of fire.

You know the ones I mean.


Fire is in your ancestral blood and bones.


There is the incinerating, intense blue-white flames of transmutation.

The flames that burn so hot we don’t know who we will be when we come through them.

Or if we will survive the process.

Most often we won’t


These are the flames of initiation and metamorphosis.


Then there is the warming, red-orange communal heart fires.

The flames that lick and caress the fuel of our life and create a radiant heat that ripples out across our inner home.

The sustaining, life giving sparks that allows us to regenerate and recuperate in the light of their nurturing.


These are the fires that draw us together to share stories in their light.


Of course, there are inner heart flames of our soul fed passion.

These are multifaceted, intricate, and entirely unique to you.

These are the flames of our passion, our calling, our longing.

They lead us through life like a siren song in the noise of the world.

A flickering candle flame in the dark that only we can see.


These divine flames are known as the inner fire.


They are the fuel of our alchemical journey.

The doorway into the great work of transformation.


The inner fire is something we must seek to cultivate.


Through listening to our hearts.

By seeking adventure.


By saying ‘yes’ to our soul story.


By finding our inner truth.


The inner fire drives us to live into our potential.

It creates opportunities to grow and evolve the more that we learn how to follow its light.


It also destroys all that which is restricting us and holding us back.

Whether we want to let it go or not.


All it needs is permission to transform from a candle to a phoenix.

From there everything changes.



Will you burn?

From the inside out.

To become who you are meant to be?


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