In times of massive transition, I have come to recognise the voice of my body as an integral guide.


It is a voice we often ignore or drown out in distraction.


It speaks in feelings, dis-comfort, dis-ease and erratic sleeping patterns.

It also tells us when we are ‘on track’ by manifesting synchronicity, joy and miracles.


The voice of my body is ancient and carries within it the wisdom and lessons of my ancestors.


It carries in its DNA and cell’s the potential of my future ones.


My body is an incredible instrument of divine will.


For the last week I have been waking at 3am with a fire in the pit of my stomach.

An irrational panic fire that enflames and engulfs me as soon as my mind grabs a hold of what it might be trying to tell me.


Often I can calm it by breathing and meditation but that is not enough.


It has a message for me.

I need to listen.


For years I have ignored by body and its subtle signals.

I have favoured the instinct of my mind and spirit over any other communication, but I was missing a massive part of the power of being in human form.


Our body is a miracle.

Anyone who has been sick or injured and allowed their body to heal knows this.

Our cells and organs are attuned to Universal rhythms and cycles.

Our skin is a membrane that co-senses and communicates with the environmental forces around us.


Our bodily systems self-regulate and attune to exactly the frequency and vibration that is needed to maintain health, happiness and synergy. If we allow them to that is.


So when we are on a major threshold of change, our body often is the barometer that will guide us through the choppy waters of initiation and identity metamorphosis.


The mind here is relatively useless.

At least at first.


Our mind and ego will fight for survival.

It will use logic and old stories to try and convince us to stay within the ‘safe’ realms of the familiar.

It will manipulate, escape, distort and confuse. All in an attempt to steer us away from the cliff that our soul us wishing us to jump off into new territory.


But our body will stop us in our tracks when we need to listen.

Through exhaustion, pain or illness it will hamper our mind until we have no choice but to rest.


And it is in the resting that we pause long enough for sensation to take over mental reason.


Transformation rarely conforms to reason.

It doesn’t make sense to the old story that we have been living in.


We don’t have a story yet so we must rest in the unknown, in the unfamiliar, in the void between one story dying and another being born.


Our body knows how to rest.

It knows how to listen.

It knows how to transform.

It knows how to heal and evolve.


So when you wake up in the middle of the night.

Will you listen?


Transformation is never easy.

It is not meant to be.


Transformation is necessary.

Without it we fall into dis-ease and illness.


Sound like a mirror for the world right now?


Perhaps it’s time for us all to start listening to the wisdom of our bodies and the body of our planetary system?


From here everything will change.

Because its meant to.



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