We seem to be surrounded by death right now.


Death of people.

Death of social systems.

Death of environments.


Truly, the death of stories in so many ways.


Yet as we all know, death is an intimate and essential part of life on Earth.


Change is another word for death.

Change is inevitable no matter how hard we try to avoid, control, or deny it.

And we all do.

In our own ways.


Anyone who has moved through deep trauma and found healing will know that a death is required to be reborn. We cannot heal unless we are willing to allow the old parts of us who experienced the trauma to transform.


To transform, we need to let go of the part of us that is holding on to the pain.


You could say that the entire world is being asked to release trauma right now.

This is why everything seems so intense.


We appear to be reliving ancestral patterns of abuse over and over again, yet in many ways they are arising from the depths of the collective human consciousness to be released.


To let go, we must be willing to forgive.

To forgive, we must be humble enough to let go of judgement.

To let go of judgement, means to step into compassion and ultimately unity with those we have been harmed by.


So how are you doing with this tough assignment right now?

How effectively are you transforming your old stories of superiority and separation amid the constant barrage of social injustice?

How easily are the old parts of you dying?


There is a Buddhist teaching that says we each have an opportunity to die every night when we sleep and be reborn when we wake.


That each night we can leave behind the parts of our identity, persona and story that are keeping us stuck in our victim loops.


Death doesn’t have to be hard.

It can be joyful.


Transformation doesn’t need psychoanalysis

It can be graceful and light.


Rebirth liberates when we embrace it.

When we are willing to be humbled and purified by the process.


So, my practice right now has been to embrace a daily dose of death.


To allow each night to bring blessed release.

For each morning to unfold new parts of me.

To embrace the metamorphosis that these times are offering.

Individually and collectively.


As more of us embody the natural death process that is taking place on our Earth right now, we hold the frequency of transformation for everyone else to step into.


We hold compassion, forgiveness, and light in our energy fields that automatically effects everyone and everything we encounter.




We don’t need to preach, teach, or compel.

We just need to do our own part.

To heal and release that which is ours to work with.


And to love ourselves unconditionally as we are continually reborn.

Each and every morning.






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