Radical rebellion in times of massive social transformation is often unseen.


It stems from subtle actions that form the fabric of a new way of being.


It goes without saying that we have been living through intense times of stress and change.

Yet humans have always needed this pressure to force evolution.

Social isolation, division and separation have been our tests of soul.

Therefore, our healing rebellion must come through the opposite of these energies – connection, unity, and communion.


Now of course it’s just not that simple.

Words like ‘connection’ are easier to say than do.


Even though most of us are craving authentic connection, we have a multitude of habits and beliefs that stand in the way of us doing so.


Fears of being hurt or getting sick.

Layers of protection built from childhood that prevent us from showing up authentically.

Old ego masks that kick in when we feel most vulnerable and exposed.


You could say all of this is part and parcel of being human in our current social system.


But this social system is crumbling.


So, what do we want to replace it with?


What new rules do we want to live by?


What does it mean to embrace connection and unity as a way of life?


These are all questions that we must face if we are to start living a new story of community and social cohesion.


To begin we must ask ourselves what is standing in our way of creating connection with others.


Each of us has our own personal habits of disconnection and avoidance.


We each are carrying wounds and hurts from our life that bounce into life when we are faced with people and situations who ask us to show up and be real.


We each hide behind old personas that we think will keep us safe but keep us separate.

So, we must start by asking what our unique fears of connection are.

How do we express them?

What small steps can we take to break them down and transform them.


My answer to this was radical honesty.


To commit to showing up in everyone interaction with others in my truth, regardless of how it might be received.


To always be myself rather than wear a mask to fit in.


And to invite others out from behind their shells of persona through love and compassion.


Not easy I can assure you.

But transformational.


In those moments of true intimacy that are created through bravery, my whole world changes. And so does the world of the person I am in connection with.


Are you ready to rebel through connection?


When we are connected, we are no longer afraid.

We are made whole.


And through this wholeness we are free to be who we really are.

To speak from our hearts and our heads.


And to see the world through new unified eyes.


Are you ready to connect and rebel from all of that which would keep us separate?




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