“Love is the core and foundation of ALL”



Words of a prayer that I speak into being every day.


Sometimes I say these words as I awake, full of energy and anticipation for the light and life ahead of me in the hours that come.


Sometimes I say it like a mantra in the dark, quiet hours of the night when I am full of doubt and fear.


They reset me.

They restory me.


‘Love’ is the base code in a long list of creative algorithms.



The language of love is the language of life itself.


It is spoken by all beings, in their own exquisite ways.


The song of the birds.

The whisper of the wind in the trees.

The babble of the stream as the water runs over the rocks and uses them as speaking instruments.


The chatter of humans as we explore our world using words and sound.


Words have power in and of themselves however the underlying frequency with which we speak words manifests the way in which they create.


Think back to the last time you spoke with your grandmother.

I find grandmothers have a wide range in which they can speak ‘love’ into form.


Grandmothers have an ability to say seemingly mundane phrases such as ‘do your coat up’ or ‘sit up straight’ with love in a wide variety of forms.


Sometimes this is tough love, sometimes compassionate love, sometimes tender love.

It’s all love and yet it creates very different reactions when we receive it.


Words are spoken with intent and purpose whether we are aware of that superpower or not.


When was the last time you said something like ‘it’s fine’ through gritted teeth that meant exactly the opposite of that?


When did you last say ‘it’s nothing’ as a diversion from expressing your true feelings – be they loving or angry?


And on that note – what is anger?


Have you ever delved underneath that emotion?


Often when I do, I discover that its ‘core and foundation is love’.

Whether that’s my perception of the distortion of love or the lack of love from another.

Either way, it is me seeking love with certain expectations and that love not being fulfilled in the way I wish.



Perhaps all any of us are seeking is love.


Love in its myriad of forms.

Words of love that create new realities.


Perhaps all the world around us needs right now is for us all to become aware of how we manifest love in all its forms.


To observe the tonality and frequency of the words we speak and adapt them to become more loving, more compassionate, more connecting.


Love and all its friends as my grandmother would have said.


Perhaps the greatest adventure in life is to find the deep wellspring of love that exists within us and drink from that source without needing external feeding.


Once we find our own ability to create love and celebrate it in all its forms from within, our outer world changes irrevocably to reflect that abundance.


An abundance of love.


Can you see that ever present core and foundation of all as we move into Christmas and the New Year?


Can you contemplate that love may be the core and foundation of all, as we move through these increasingly uncertain times on Earth?


Can you find the frequency to express the love within you as you cherish each moment with friends, family and the more than human world?


The language of love is waiting for you to create with it.


What will you make?


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