Can you feel something changing?


Can you?


Can you smell something new on the wind?


Have you stopped to notice?


Change is a Universal Law.


So is harmony.

Only harmony doesn’t always look and feel how we expect it to.


Harmony can be discordant when needed to create a shift.

It can jar and shake us awake.


Harmony is a verb not a noun.


We have recently passed through the portal of the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Spring Equinox in the South.


These equinox times have marked windows of time perhaps since the Earth began where the light and dark are in perfect balance.


During these times, the natural Earth energy currents that weave beneath and around us expand and ‘breathe’ in cyclic rhythms, accentuating the power of our thoughts, feelings, and choices.


Ancient civilisations knew about these harmony moments and used monuments and temples to mark their significance as windows in time to manifest, dream, vision and create new realities.


The ‘harmony times’ as my friend and teacher Rory Duff would call them, give us an opportunity to come into synchronisation with the natural currents of change and evolution that are occurring all around us on Earth and in the Cosmos.


During these times and in the weeks that follow them, we have the ability to become more aware than ever of the stories we are creating.


We are invited to align our will to the will of the Universe and surrender to the currents of change that are presenting themselves to us in a myriad of forms.


But to do so, requires that we let go of the fragile sense of human control we are each trying desperately to maintain over our lives as they are whipped around the inner and outer maelstrom of transformation.


This sense of control is like a spider’s web.

It holds together until a much greater force is applied at which point it rips to shreds.


But we will weave again.


Like the Spider it is our human nature to create and evolve the patterns of our lives.


Yet to evolve we must allow the old to tear away.


Fading back into the fabric of the world.


Harmony dissolves as well as creates.


Higher harmony evolves and takes us to new octaves of frequency and expression.


Can you surrender the old threads of your life to the higher harmonies of evolution breaking through now?


Can you stop and listen to the siren song of a new life beckoning you beyond the web of the old?


The Earth is changing beneath our feet.

The Universe is evolving all around us.


Why not come into harmony with these forces and surrender to the greatest story you are capable of living?


Harmony is all around us in every moment.


Can you hear it?



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