How easy is it to say, ‘listen to your heart’?


Yet doing so is often fraught with challenges.

The reason for this is that our mental models of the world regularly come into direct conflict with the powerful yet subtle voice of our heart.


Our mind is trained from a young age to protect and defend our hearts.


As we evolve, our persona (or ego) becomes the driving force behind our protective shields, and it grows harder and harder for us to penetrate the layers of our expectations, duties and fears.


Yes fears.


Almost all of us are afraid of the desires of our heart.


Our heart does not follow logic or social convention.

In fact, it often guides us to do exactly the opposite of these things.


Our heart is attuned to Universal Law.

To deep time and deep space.


Our heart’s neurology (yes, our heart has a ‘brain’ too*) holds wisdom beyond our current lifetime. (*See The Institute of HeartMath for details).


The heart brain speaks in impulses, instincts and intuitions.

It guides us through the higher emotions like compassion, empathy, and interconnection.


And what of love in this?


The ‘love’ of the heart is different to the love of our minds.


Our minds ‘fall’ in love.

Whereas our hearts ‘are’ love.


Our hearts don’t follow rules, nor break them.

The wisdom of our heart is beyond rules completely.

Human rules at least.


And because of this, our human trained mind is afraid of our heart-felt impulses to BE love.


Our true heart is beyond being human at all.

It is our connection to the divine essence of our soul.

It is our reminder of our eternal nature as diverse expressions of the One Thing.


Ahhh and what of The One Thing.


This brings us directly to alchemy.


In the ancient practice of alchemical transformation, we recognise that at the beginning of every manifest thing we have what is known as the prima materia. The void of creation. The vast potential of all form, coming from non-form.


It is the One Mind that governs the creation of form from the Prima Materia – the seed of form planted into the womb of potential.


The One Mind is an interesting phrase, because for me it’s so full of heart.

In my experiences the Universe creates from love.

It’s love that catalyses birth.

And rebirth.


Love in all its forms.

So, is Great Mind actually Great Heart?


Perhaps instead of being separate concepts or entities, we are better to see them as Great and Small?


Small mind / small heart, vs Great Mind / Heart.


Universal Mind Heart.

Perhaps this is an axis within us that can be tapped.


Two ends of a divine spectrum that encompasses wisdom and love.

Impulse and ration.


The heart-mind axis is our connection to Universal law and life.

It heals, resolves, and mediates between all polarities.


Perhaps the heart-mind axis is the key to peace?


Personally, I am surrendering my divided ‘small heart-mind’ to the great wisdom and unity of the Great Heart-Mind.


It brings me peace.

And it is there I intend to stay.

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