When you roll the word ‘truth’ around in your head, what does it mean to you?

Where does ‘truth’ reside in your experience of the world?


Is truth something that you receive from ‘trusted’ outside sources, experts, or research.

Or is it something that you find deep inside of your own experience?


Or perhaps both?

Now place the word ‘truth’ inside of your heart.

How does it feel now?


Same or different?

Contracted or expanded?

Simple or complex?


Human or divine?


Human truth comes through the specific lens of a persona stories, beliefs, cultural programming, or time bound value system.


Therefore, whilst still being ‘truth’ to that being, it is subjective and limited to the boundaries of the storymaking / meaning making lens of that time and place.


Whilst there is nothing fundamentally wrong with this, the challenges come when ‘personal truth’ is advocated and expressed as ‘Universal truth’.


Even more issues arise when personal or social truth (otherwise known as human values and laws), are enforced on mass with an assumption that they are the ‘only truth’ that everyone must adhere to.


Even ‘intuition’ falls into this subjective story given we are each prone to applying our personal values, archetypes, and beliefs to any ‘truth ‘we are given in order to express it in language.


One only needs to look back at history in any cultural context to see the damage inflicted when one set of cultural truths are enforced on to another.


Colonialism or conquest anyone?


Perhaps it is part of the human journey to explore our evolving Universe through an ever expanding and nuanced lens of personal and collective ‘truth’, but I believe there is a different territory that we are continually invited to explore.





Take a deep breath and try and let all your thoughts go.


See them drifting away like dead leaves being blown from the tree of your life.


See these old ‘truth leaves’ being blown into a wide and fast flowing river, where they land on the surface of the water and are carried away with the eddies and currents to shore and places unknown.


Now focus your attention on the river.


Become the water itself, flowing and coursing through the land, trickling through the streams and rock formations, becoming frozen ice and then melting to flow in rivulets across the land once again.



Now follow your flow as your river of soul consciousness finds its way into the vast oceans of the planet.


Experience the thrill of your fresh water fusing and merging into the salt waters of the seas.


Allow your awareness to melt into the wide watery womb of the Earth and rest.







You are now in the realm of the Universal.


Where paradox is prevalent, and peace is pervasive.


Universal truth embraces all opposites and separate parts into the arms of unity.


It allows all meaning to come into form like leaves of a season, and then holds them as they die and are reabsorbed back into the rivers of life.


It exists eternally, infusing itself with the fresh waters of consciousness in every age.

Absorbing paradigms and integrating evolution.


When we come home to the vast realms of Universal Truth, our individual, human truth cannot help but to become rooted in something that transcends time and space.


We expand to the measure that we allow ourselves to rest in a consciousness far greater than anything we have or can define. When we surrender to Universal Truth we are brought into alignment with divine law and divine life.


Our personal truth fluctuates like leaves in the wind as we grow but our spirit knows these truths are but transitory.


Universal truth is there in every moment when we are quiet enough to listen and align.


Human truth or Universal Truth?

Indeed, they are one thing at different scales.


All we need to do is remember.

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