I am a day late writing this.

This week has been a whirlpool of work, outer world noise and stories all clamouring for my attention.


Yesterday, I felt all the competing deadlines swirling around me like currents in the every changing trajectory of the global river.


And yet still managed to keep my head above the water.

In fact it was actually exhilarating (for the most part).

A bit like rafting on rapids.

You see, I have been spending a lot of time lately in water.

It is not an element I am particularly familiar with or at home in.


I have never lived close to water.

I have always loved fresh water – rivers, streams, lakes.

I have been in awe of the ocean and yet she scares me somewhat with her power and magnitude.

I have been in resistance to the rains that frequent the small island of the UK and yet have learned to love them as we move into times where drought and fire becomes more and more prevalent.


Yet recently water has been flowing into my life in so many ways.

To teach me.

To nourish me.

To love me.

To hold me.


Water came to the Earth from the Universe in ice form billions of years ago.


The water that exists in every form on the planet, is the same water that came here when our ecosystems were forming.


The water we drink, has been cycled around millions of plants, animals, soil structures and stone beings across the eons.


Our bodies are made up of 60% water.

Just stop and contemplate that for a moment.

Over half of your physical form IS water.


Water listens.

It imprints with the frequency (thinking, feeling, speaking) of anyone or anything around it.


It is an essential part of our existence here on Earth.


So I have been immersing myself in its teaching.


When I drink, I give thanks for the essential life that is flowing into my body from the water.


When I bathe, I beam my intentions into the water matrix to be cleansed, purified and healed of any and all energies that no longer serve me.


And when I swim, I surrender completely to the currents of energy that flow around, in and through me from the natural water, bringing me into communion with the life force of our world.


Wild swimming.

Ecstasy incarnate.

Complete immersion in an element that is older than any human.

Ancient wisdom from the stars.

The life giving essence of Universal truth.


Yesterday after all the outer world noise, I went with my husband to one of my favourite wild swimming spots in the river Eden.


He sat; I swam.

The water was icy cold, even after days in the summer sun but it kissed my skin and invigorated my circulation.


I gasped as I dove in and immersed my soul in the waters embrace.


Instant relief from the world noise.


Complete quiet as the water subsumed my consciousness and soothed away the day’s frenetic frequencies.








I lay in the softly flowing current of the river until my skin felt alive and renewed once again.

Until my mind let go ….and let in the essence of being.


The wild waters healed me in an instant.

As they do for all who seek their solace.


How will you honour the waters within and the waters without today?


Will you allow them to heal you?


Again and again and again?



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