Everyone wants to climb the mountain


Within us we carry a deep desire to ascend


To climb higher


To see beyond that which we currently know



Yet the real gold is to be found below



In the deep, dark places



As above, so below


We cannot know one without the other


Life must teach us from both the heights and the depths


The inner as well as the outer



We are called both to climb and crawl


To find the courage to go under the mountain of our life


To dive into that which we have ignored


That which is unseen in the darkness



This is where we dig for gold


This is where we confront our self-made demons


This is where we find our strengths and our gifts



We are asked to get down on our hands and knees and crawl into the caves


To trust the trickle of water to lead us down into the depths of Earth


To the deep hidden places of our psyche


The caves of our minds



Once there we are invited to sit in the dark and face all that we are afraid of


To see that our ‘demons’ are but mirrors of stories we must transmute


When we embrace the darkness of our ‘self’ we bring every aspect of us close


We must stop rejecting and judging


Hurting and punishing


We must stop running



In the darkness we are presented with our soul force


Full and complete


Raw and powerful



If we have the courage to really ‘see’ and know ourselves then we metamorphosise


We transcend


We become whole



So, before you seek to climb the mountain peaks


Make sure you have crawled into its belly


Make sure that you have gathered all your strength and gifts from facing your darkness


Then you are impenetrable


Then you are unstoppable








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