This week I have been offline adventuring with my husband.

He is a master in this art – as am I.


It is one of the things that brings us closer every time we embark off into the unknown together.


Adventure is an art.

One that we have cultivated and apprenticed ourselves to over the 12 years that we have been together.


Adventure involves risk.


It asks that we throw our plans to the wind and follow instinct.


It asks us to learn to listen to the quiet and often ignored voices within and without so that we can be led by the Universe.


And it demands that we surrender to mystery.


Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?


Mostly it is.

Yet sometimes we are presented with challenges on our adventures that demand every ounce of our aptitude.


Over the years, my husband and I have been caught on the side of live volcano’s, become lost in the middle of deserts, surrendered to ritual in the Amazon and almost died in the waves of the Pacific Ocean.


These are the outwardly dramatic tests of adventure.


Yet there are inner ones too.


After one vision quest adventure, my experience almost broke us. But we came through.


After one career adventure, my husband brought his health to brink of collapse. But he survived…and now thrives.


We encounter emotional and mental adventures each day, no matter whether we are on an outer quest or not. How we face and ultimately tackle them is up to each one of us. Will we run away from what the mirror is attempting to show us, or will we face our shadow (and our light) to break through into new territory?


This week my husband arranged a road trip that has taken us up the central spine of our country into the wild lands of the North.


We have played, gotten lost, had deep conversations with each other and the other than human worlds. We have laughed, loved, and remembered why we are here and why we are together in these times of massive change on our planet. And we have been led by Earth energy lines, animal totems and tree beings.


This is the nature of adventure.

Its art is one that needs to be cultivated by constant practice and dedication.


It will revitalise you, reshape you and restory your purpose.

One step at a time.

One day at a time.


Adventure can be found as your step out of your front door.

It lives in the wild forests.

And the city streets.


Adventure romances us when we are ready to transform whether you know that or not.


How is adventure calling you today?

Will you say yes to its invitation?



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