I stand here in the kitchen of what has been my home for the last 9 years (on and off).


When I came to Avebury, I assumed I would live here for the rest of my days, as magical and ancient as it is.


Yet the Universe had other plans for me.

The Universe always does.


Today I hand over the keys to this beautiful 400 year old cottage that has cared for me, helped me to evolve and protected me as I undertook many initiations.


Its essence will always be in my soul, and I am saddened to leave.

But that is no excuse to stay.


You see when I was very young, I knew I would be a wanderer.


A gypsy.

A nomad.

A travelling storyteller.


And as I grew, this archetypal persona became ever stronger. It drew me into untold adventures and romanced me into travelling to many lands. I met and made family with people all over the world and all over the cosmos in my inner journeys.


Ah yes – the life of a wanderer.


And yet all this adventure does not come without its own sense of responsibility.


Once you have embraced this archetype, it will ‘eat you’ as a dear friend and grandmother once said to me. Once embodied, the wanderer becomes a part of your cellular structure and you must follow her impulses, leaving when it is time.


No matter how much we have come to love a place, its people, or its blessings.


And so, the price to pay for a life of continual freedom is that my heart always aches somewhat.


I come into new places, new relationships and new projects filled with the sense of awe and excitement for their newness and yet deep down knowing that someday I will and must leave again.


This is the balance.


The gifts of a journey travelled well must be shared.

They must be disseminated.

The stories must be told.


Or they die.


And unfulfilled.


The wanderer is a gatherer.

She listens deeply to the pulse of life and then shares it through her words, her movement’s, and her dance.


The wanderer is a mystic of the pure kind.

Once that is both student and teacher.

Child and wise one.


She trusts the flow of the Universe implicitly and allows the pulse of her own creatrix to lead her forwards into the future whilst honouring and releasing the past.


She is constantly crossing thresholds and bowing her head in initiation

And she is always moving

Always flowing

Always loving


The wanderer is embedded in my soul journey, and I am apprenticed to her.

She is me and I her


And we are about to embark on a new adventure.

Will you join us?

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