The light is fading.


As we approach the time of deep Winter in the Northern hemisphere, we are cocooned in darkness.


But darkness is not what we once thought it was.


As a new perspective on life emerges between us in these times of challenge where seeming polarities are fusing.


We are starting to see that what we once defined as ‘bad’ or ‘good’, ‘light’ or ‘dark’ are simply two sides of the same coin.


We cannot separate things as we once did.


This is the gift of chaos.

We must call into question all that we once believed in an effort to seek truth amongst confusion.


We must surrender ourselves to the humbling process that comes with knowing that we do not know.


The darkening of the light happens when we each surrender to the ‘dark night of the soul’ at the apex of the heroes or heroine’s journey.



Today I am going into an ancient forest.


Today I am seeking the silent wisdom of the old ones.


The tree people.


The forest spirits.


The beings that have lived through countless eons of transformation on Earth and hold the keys to wisdom and magic.


Old magic.


Ancient gnosis.


Today I am seeking the silence that comes in the darkness.


The blanket of truth that waits for us to simply reach out and wrap ourselves in its warmth.


Today I am seeking solace in the arms of the world around me.


The whole world.


Not just the part of it I feel comfortable and at ease with.


I am seeking to embrace everything in my path.


And merge with it.



The darkening of the light is a bliss filled journey.


It is a path of ultimate liberation.


It is the only way to find freedom from all that binds us.


The path ask’s us to abandon all we have known and all we think we know.


So that we can see.


And hear.


And feel.



It is the path of riches.

Inner treasure.

True self knowing.


Will you embrace the darkness so that you can truly come to know it as a part of yourself?

Or will you keep running towards the light of the familiar paths and patterns?


Will you seek to belong or seek to forge into the forest for adventure?


The choice is always yours.


I will ‘see’ you in the dark.

And we will come to know each other truly.

As beings of eternity.




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