“Fear not
What is not real never was and never will be.
What is real always was and cannot be destroyed”
Bhagavad Gita


This is the way that one of our oldest and most powerful human archetypes is described in an ancient Hindu text. A character that is born free, lives free and dies willingly knowing that this ultimate life initiation only leads to greater freedom.


Known as ‘The Fool’, this cosmic adventurer is available to all of us who dare to venture beyond the boundaries of what is socially acceptable. An archetype that embodies elements of the explorer and the eternal child, this intrepid pioneer dances through life, holding wisdom in one hand and naivety in the other. A dangerous concoction to consume for conformists, the freedom represented by The Fool is none other than a life lived without the restriction of one of the heaviest forces known to human kind: Fear.


The Fool is the antidote to fear.

The ultimate burden of life lived in human form on Earth at this time: Fear.



The often self imposed shackles of cultural, social and environmental programming that we wear like a suit of armor throughout our lives, forgetting that we have the choice to unbuckle ourselves from its weight.


The Fool in his/her various forms has walked with me since I came into this lifetime and has served as a constant reminder to live with courage and joyousness in the face of my perceived fears.


It is The Fool that takes my hand again and again, compelling me to jump off the cliff of my comfort zone. It is The Fool that reminds me to trust life (and death), knowing that both are an illusion of sorts in a cosmic game of remembering.


What are we remembering?
How to live life well and with ease, no matter what seems to be happening around us. This process of ease and joy arises naturally in the moments when our fear and anxiety fade.


Can you even remember what it feels like to be without fear?
When was the last time you allowed your inner Fool to lead you down the garden path to a place of ease?
Can you remember?


To live life without fear, reminds us that we are in every moment



Can you allow yourself to even imagine living as The Fool for 10% of your life?
What about 30%?


Could you?
Would you?


Ever heard the phrase ‘fool-hardy’? Did you stop to wonder why these two seemingly disconnected words actually portray a universal truth? That when we bypass our inner protection mechanisms and follow the siren song of a new adventure, our apparent ‘foolishness’ leads to a ‘hardy’ experience of life that helps us become stronger!


The Fool is the state we experience before birth and after death – either side of our incarnated experience – and yet we can remember, reconnect and rejuvenate this memory within us as we live. Why not make every morning when you wake up a rebirth into the consciousness of your divine Fool?


This week began with April Fools Days (April 1st) and gives us the perfect excuse to let loose and do something just for the fun of it! Why not choose this week to make a new commitment to your inner Fool to walk with less fear and more faith in the world. To remind yourself that you are on a unique adventure and have the choice in every single moment to live more from joy than from anxiety.


Need some help?
We have a whole suite of restorying tools to support your adventurer!
All you have to do ask….

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