The darkness gathers

We breathe into the oncoming sleep

The life currents are slowing

We are asked to weep


Not for grief you understand

But to let everything go

We cannot take the past with us

All the old stories must go


The cosmic void awaits

Our courageous leap

Our souls in her hands

The great mother keeps


For the time to begin anew

Has come

No fear can exist

When we live as if we are one



We are approaching the time of gathering darkness in the Northern hemisphere.


Yet as with all of life, in the South the light grows in equal measure.


Thus, life is ever in sacred balance.


Whether we can see this or not.



Deep inside we know it.


We feel it when we are calm.


We bring it to life when we are in joy.


We know that balance is a Universal Law.



This weekend we celebrate the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain.

Adapted to Halloween in the western world, the original celebration marks the beginning of the Celtic new year.


At Samhain we honour the start of the fallow period of Earth when seeds are sown into the deep Earth and lay in wait for their germination.


It is a time when the veils between worlds are thin, and we are able to reach into different realms to connect with the ancestors, guides and future ones.


We come into the still silence of the dark and make prayers, mantra, and intentions in the flames of our flickering candles.


And we embrace the darkness to come into our lives and create balance between the shadow side of our persona.


Sometimes known as our subconscious.

Or unconscious.


We allow all that had been hidden in the busy, bright, light times of the year to come forth and be revealed.


So, it can be seen.

And transformed.


Death is but a transformation.

One that can find us in any moment.


Are you ready to see your shadows?

And dance with them?


This Samhain, will you dive into the waters of your subconscious?

And embrace your inner darkness?

So that you can bring balance to your light?



Let’s swim together.


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