Last night I was the Universe.


All of it.

Whole and complete.



Last night I was in ceremony, celebrating life.

All of it.

Even its darkness.


Last night knew myself to be in communion.

With everyone and everything.

All of it.


Now and forever.



Nothing can replace the feeling of connection.

Deep connection.

Authentic union.


It is in these moments of communion that we connect to the life force that flows within us and all things.


It is the frequency of life.

And death.


It embraces all form and destroys that which is ready to be reborn.

It is in the heart of every polarity and every complementarity.


It is the one thing.


On this Spring Equinox, we can literally feel this life force rising with us and the Earth around us.


The plants are beginning to rise, bud and bloom.

The trees are bringing sap up through their roots and trunks to feed this year’s leaves.

The light is returning.


We too are rising.




We too are drawing in energy from the light of the sun and milky nurturing of the moon.


Our feet connect to the Earth energy lines and come into attunement and resonance with the rising energies of the Earth herself.


All we need to do to come into this connection is to reach ad touch another.

Be that human, tree, or animal.


Caress them.

Honour them.

Know that we are all made of the same Universal force of life.


Only peace can remain when we know this.

When we feel this.

When we enact this in our daily lives.


On this Spring Equinox when the day and night are of equal length and we celebrate the return of the light, let us reach out and connect to each other.


And remind ourselves that we are the Universe.

In living harmony.


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