Harmony: the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole



This is one of the dictionary definitions of harmony.

The word that jumped out to me was ‘pleasing’.


This week I have been extremely busy with clients before I jump on a plane and head to the US for a few weeks of work. At times, my days have felt chaotic, overwhelming and crazy yet they were in harmony.



Because they were ‘pleasing’ to me.

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Next week is the Autumn Equinox, falling in the sign of Libra on the 22nd Sept.


Equinoxes are times when the day and night are exactly the same lengths, bringing us to an alchemical moment of balance and awareness.


Libra, traditionally shown as a female figure holding scales in her hand, represents harmony and equilibrium in all aspects of life.


So this is a time when we are all invited to consider how we are dealing with seeming polarities in our lives.


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Today I have been sitting out under the shade of a young oak tree. He has been in our garden since we moved here 8 years ago and we have grown up together.


In recent years, due to all the travel with my work, I had rarely found the time to come and hang out with this incredible being. Since COVID and lockdown everything has changed – in this case for the better.

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