Years ago I spent my first ever day alone on the land at Sacred Ground.


I have written many times about this special place, and you can find out more here (https://www.sacredgroundintl.org/).


During this day, I was met by many beings of many races.


The Coyote tribe came to visit me, dancing past where I was meditating and stopping within a few meters for a moment to greet me as I smiled right back.


The Eagle beings flew over my head throughout the day as I passed the hours in contemplation of my life and soul commitment on Earth.


The Buffalo family came to see me, whilst staying half an acre distant so as not to alarm me with their numbers and the force of their love.


My Pine siblings gathered in circle with me and our Aspen cousins, offering the embrace of their leafy arms to shield me from the burning radiance of the midday sun.


I was one with the ecosystem of Earth and I felt in harmony.


That was until the sun started to set.


As dusk gathered in across the Western skyline, I was suddenly hit by a wave of trepidation. It was as if I could see the times we are now living through approaching like a wave of darkness spreading across the lands of our world. My breath quickened as I sensed the role I was being asked to play – more importantly the inner and outer journey of the soul that was inviting me to step across a threshold in that moment.


One that once crossed, I could never return from.


The threshold was trust.

Trust that there was a part of me, beyond the human persona that knew why I was here and sensed the bigger story that was playing out.


The oath I was approaching was one I had come into human form to make.

It was the surrender of my story in order to serve ‘the story’.


As I sat and contemplated the scale of this, I started to feel waves of anxiety washing over the human part of me as she could feel her impending death. I allowed this. It was part of the initiation I was undertaking.


Then a very familiar being appeared to my right and sat down with me, his knee lightly touching mine. He didn’t interrupt my process, just sat in loving silence.

Then after a short time, his hand reached over to lightly touch my right knee. A golden energy flowed into my body and brought instant relief to my cells.


Then after a few more minutes, his golden infused voice said, “may I suggest something”?


Surprised, I responded “Of course”.


Why don’t you let this be easy and full of joy”.


I was stunned.

My head started down all kinds of lines of ‘why not’, ‘what if’, ‘that could never’ before my knee was squeezed to interrupt the flow.


Trust me I know”, he said. “Let it be easy and full of joy”


I had to smile.

Then laugh.

And of course become joy-filled.


You see joy is a choice.

So is pain.


We can choose ease and joy even in the darkest of circumstances and the frequency of this superpower heals, transmutes and dissolves even the densest of energy systems.


Sat here now, 5 years on from that day I am living in the midst of some the chaos and darkness that I saw approaching like a cloud over the mountain. And I am living within some of the most powerful and transformative times on our Earth.


Joy is what fuels me.

Joy is what makes things that are hard, full of ease.


I am not saying by any stretch that life is ‘easy’ right now.

Far from it.


And yet it can be ease-full.

Like water we can choose to take the path of least resistance.

The path of flow.


Ease and joy have become my mantras.

My saviours even.

My solace.


Joy in these times is a radical act of rebellion.

Ease is threatening.


Especially to those who keep themselves trapped in fear.

So will you cross over the threshold of fear into the joy and ease of flow?

You will remember why you are here when you do.


And who you really are.

Underneath the cloaks of fear.



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