What do we do when we can no longer see the light?


What happens to us when we no longer feel like we have any control over our lives?






Yes – undoubtedly.

All of these things and more.


Yet there is also something else.

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Years ago I spent my first ever day alone on the land at Sacred Ground.


I have written many times about this special place, and you can find out more here (


During this day, I was met by many beings of many races.


The Coyote tribe came to visit me, dancing past where I was meditating and stopping within a few meters for a moment to greet me as I smiled right back.


The Eagle beings flew over my head throughout the day as I passed the hours in contemplation of my life and soul commitment on Earth.


The Buffalo family came to see me, whilst staying half an acre distant so as not to alarm me with their numbers and the force of their love.


My Pine siblings gathered in circle with me and our Aspen cousins, offering the embrace of their leafy arms to shield me from the burning radiance of the midday sun.


I was one with the ecosystem of Earth and I felt in harmony.


That was until the sun started to set.

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Forgiveness comes in the moments that really matter

Like those of life or death

It comes when we are asked to be bigger, wider, expansive

More than we have ever been before


Forgiveness opens doors

Doors that we have tried to close and lock


Forgiveness breathes us

Into places we have tried to forget


Forgiveness is a mirror

Into the parts of our soul that we have rejected


We forgive to create freedom

We forgive to liberate

We forgive to love


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Ever heard the phrase “shit happens”?


Yes me too – this week has been one where ‘shit’ has happened unexpectedly (at least to my brain) multiple times.


Now I could have chosen to judge the ‘shit’ as wrong, bad, unfair, unjust but instead it stunned me into an inner silence that I wasn’t expecting.


And therein lies the gift of the mystery…..


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