Forgiveness comes in the moments that really matter

Like those of life or death

It comes when we are asked to be bigger, wider, expansive

More than we have ever been before


Forgiveness opens doors

Doors that we have tried to close and lock


Forgiveness breathes us

Into places we have tried to forget


Forgiveness is a mirror

Into the parts of our soul that we have rejected


We forgive to create freedom

We forgive to liberate

We forgive to love



Yesterday on Oct 7th, my grandfather passed from this world into another.


He was ready.

But his readiness had been a long process of coming to terms with the parts of himself and the fragments of his story that needed to be healed so he could let go.


This process brought pain.

Forgiving ourselves and others always does.


But it also brought release and transcendence.


Forgiveness is one of the Universe’s hidden superpowers.

And we are all asked to harness it at some point in our existence.


Forgiveness is a doorway that when we are willing to walk through it, changes everything from the inside out. Because it starts with us.


Before we can ever know peace, we must forgive all that we have deemed unworthy.


We must trust in a power beyond our human narrative to show us a higher, wider, more complete picture.



A lack of forgiveness always comes from a partial story.



When we expand our hearts, minds and souls to embrace the bigger picture of things, we allow forgiveness as a sense of Universal perfection to flow into every part of our existence.


We are shown divine timing, synchronicity and soul lessons in play.


We see karma – not just as cause and effect but as dynamic choice, sovereignty and free will in action.


We are expanded into the Universal story that plays out through our souls over eons and we know that there is definitely more to the grand game of life than we are able to see in our human forms.


We remember trust.


Trust and forgiveness go hand in hand, heart in heart.


In honouring my grandfather and his life/death passing, I am also honouring my ability to embrace, forgive, trust and create freedom in my life.


I am allowing forgiveness to move through me and out into the world as a force of love.


So perhaps today is a moment when you can allow yourself to remember?

Allow yourself to embrace forgiveness?

Allow yourself to experience freedom?


Allow your story to expand.





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