A bespoke coaching package for evolving leaders and their teams.


Do you find yourself in a senior position with no one to talk to? Perhaps you have reached a pivot point in your career and life and are unsure which path to take? You are not alone.          Most senior leaders find themselves increasingly lonely and isolated, the further they progress in their careers.

Often all that is needed is a safe, confidential space within which to rest and find new answers to old problems. A trusted, experienced sparring partner with whom you can explore the edges of your leadership comfort zone. The most powerful transformations come when we allow ourselves to be fully seen, fully witnessed and then fully challenged. Do you need a safe space to evolve?


Unlike traditional executive coaching, our journey is designed to fit around your current world, creating a nurturing and generative environment within which your leadership challenges can be explored.

Utilizing Genevieve’s 15 years of global experience working in organizational change and human innovation, you will begin by exploring your personal and professional systems. Once you have seen and mapped your systemic challenges, you will work together to identify the key narrative acupuncture points where your leadership stories can be hacked and evolved on an ongoing basis creating powerful change.


For six months you will work closely and confidentially with Genevieve, mapping, sensing and hacking your personal and organizational leadership systems. During this time, should team coaching or leadership immersions be called for, these can also be designed and delivered (charged at our standard organizational consultancy rates).

To support your journey you will be offered a tailored combination of online resources, weekly / bi-weekly coaching calls and unlimited email support. The online support is tailored to your needs in terms of frequency, learning style and the nature of the challenges.




Designated Managing Director / Munich Re

I have had the great privilege of Genevieve supporting me one-to-one as a personal executive coach for a number of years. She has a very warm & sunny, intelligent, energising style and is one of the most inspiring & authentic people I know. Her skill set of identifying the most difficult points of pain and supporting me to unlock these challenges by seeing the bigger picture and exploring the journey was amazing. Genevieve often brought new views and ways of thinking in our discussion which took me to a whole new level. She was part of my life and will be in future Chapeau and merci beaucoup Genevieve, you are a Star!

This journey lasts an average of 6 months and includes a minimum of 12 coaching sessions, tailored online learning challenges, unlimited email support and selected leadership team coaching.



Ready to enter into a safe space for your evolution?