A bespoke coaching journey for people who want to permanently redesign their stories of ‘success’ in life.



Have you have hit the point of ‘enough is enough’? Do you find yourself increasingly unwilling to participate in the old story of social and material success, knowing that this road leads at best to inner numbness and at worst to disease and depression? If yes, then this unique deep dive into the stories, systems and structures of your life may be the answer to your prevalent dis-ease.

If you can’t ignore the voice inside you any more that calls for a more exciting, beautiful and impactful story to tell within your precious lifetime then this journey into the core of your current narrative will help you transform and will leave you forever changed.


Unlike most traditional coaching approaches, this unique and tailored journey offers you a chance to see and understand how the stories you believe to be true create your life. From here you will be personally guided and challenged by Genevieve to transform the various parts of your life through deep inner and outer work. Her unique approach ensures that you achieve real and lasting change in your inner beliefs, thought patterns and emotional states as well as your outer physical circumstances. This journey is way beyond theoretical practices and uses experiential life experiments to catalyse tangible change.


We offer a tailored combination of online resources, coaching calls and web-based learning in addition to a co-created ‘personal quest’ undertaken at the appropriate stage of the journey. The online support is tailored to your needs in terms of frequency, learning style and the nature of the challenges. The offline quest is undertaken in a self-selected location by the you and lasts for 3 days.

Not everyone who applies is accepted. Only those who are ready for real transformation will be able to see the journey through to its conclusion.





“Successful but miserable” is a perfect description for my situation when I met Gen. I had lost most of the orientation and purpose in my life, and was suffering the negative effects of a stressful job to both my health and relationships. I knew something had to change and I desperately wanted things to. Working with Gen gave me the confidence to challenge my own status quo, see myself as I was but also to break through the fear of doing something new and different. Her approach was so soft and intuitive that it didn’t feel I was being “coached” at all. Simply steered and directed to where I needed to get to to begin a new life story.



Managing Director, Service Centre / Sky Deutschland

Coaching with Genevieve took me to deeper places than I ever expected. It allowed me to connect to my inner voice again, through the outer lens of the voice of nature. We entered into a journey of transformation that has positively impacted every area of my life. It’s about letting go of the past, so we can envision and create a future that has meaning for me personally and everyone I work with. Her journeys are quite different from sitting in a classroom or a training session. She takes you to the middle of nature where you can hear all your relationships (human and nature), speaking to you. The process of reconnection is simple and yet easy to miss without a guide. Just breathe, be calm and the transformation will come. From here, we can take this into our homes, our families and our businesses. I am thankful to her. She taught me to listen. I have remembered how to talk to the earth. How to talk to the ocean. How to breathe the air and how to reconnect to life in a totally new way. She brought me to beautiful places for our quests and I will never be the same again - which is a good thing!

This journey lasts 6 months and includes a minimum of 12 coaching sessions (2 hrs), tailored online learning challenges, unlimited email support and the bespoke 3 day experiential global quest journey (travel charged @ cost separately).


Per month Inc VAT

*We offer the first session for FREE to see whether there is a good fit between your needs and the non-traditional coaching style we facilitate.


Ready to stop living in other peoples stories?