The Soulistic Journey

A pilgrimage to the source of your being


There can come a time in life when you face a crossroads, when it feels as if your existing patterns of behaviour or your lifestyle choices no longer serve you, but you don’t know which way to turn next. You may be experiencing serious illness, divorce, death of a loved one, exhaus­tion, redundancy, depression or anxiety, or even a loss of faith in life itself. It is at these times, as you begin to question ‘what it’s all about’ – times of crisis and yet of opportunity too – when The Soulistic Journey takes you by the hand and offers a new way of being; a path less travelled to the source of your being. When you take the plunge and dive deeply into your Soulistic Journey, you can reweave all the threads of your life into an exciting new blueprint.


Are you feeling the call of the pilgrimage of purpose?

Do you have the courage to step into who you were born to be?

Are you ready to say ‘yes’ to rewriting your story?

Good – then let’s begin walking a new path together


This book accompanies travellers like you on a year and a day-long ‘walk’; a path of self-discovery and transformation, using methods unique to this journey, such as the ‘Storyhacks’, the Soulistic Solar and Lunar Archetypes, the monthly Practices and the Soulistic Wheel Quarterly Meditations. It is an inner journey of adventure and all that you experience will unfold from within you. It is a journey that will challenge you to mine your authentic depths of wisdom and courage so that you remember your Soul Purpose.



Teri Martin, Mythologist and Ordained Minister

Wisdom Weaver and Beta-Reader

I simply had to write to you that I am in love with The Soulistic Journey. The Foundations offer succinct and applicable map-reading tools so helpful for the journey, and special kudos for the Alchemy section which cracks and lays open a metaphysical concept that is typically so arcane that no one ever gets to enjoy the meat of the nut! Thank you for making them so profoundly practical – which is absolutely nowhere near mundane practicality! The lunar and solar symbols link me to the sky over my head, so I don't need to travel anywhere except out my door to experience the wisdom they provide, to feel the touch of their influence. The book calls me to come to it as if it were a place.

Sophie Poklewski Koziell

Writer and Editor

I’d only just got to the second quote about unconditional love in the Prelims and it stopped me in my tracks. It’s very powerful. I love how you've given the space to allow these quotes to speak the truth. And I really like the style – it’s so meaningful. I find it very rich. Even a page of it. Not dense, but rich.

Maya Mitchell, Flamenco dancer and teacher

It has been a long time since I have felt this much desire to read something – the chapter headings, the layout, the way things are named... all very exciting. It is like arriving at a big banqueting table.

Prof. Herbert Girardet, author and consultant, co-founder of the World Future Council

I read The Soulistic Journey with great interest and huge respect for the sheer scale of its scholarship. I have been on a roller-coaster life journey myself, and I could have done with being guided by the authors of this book who are clearly a very dynamic and creative duo. We all need to experience the inner/outer journey they prescribe.

Satish Kumar, writer, philosopher and Editor Emeritus of Resurgence

A sumptuous guidebook and a wonderful companion on the journey of transformation.

Trevor Sharman

Writer / Green Spirit Magazine

This book follows on from Genevieve Boast’s ‘Tough Bliss………….. Restorying life’ which Lorna Howarth helped her produce. Now, together they have produced a kind of guide book, although not to a pre-defined destination. It is an invitation to follow a personal journey where the discoveries will be your own and will rely on your engagement with the journeying tools on offer to determine where you go. The challenge of the book is to take stock of who you are in relation to the world and how you are attuned to the process of life and its mysteries. It is a handbook of ideas and practices which have been tried and tested by the authors and by them with fellow traveller groups. The experiences have been woven into a framework which follows the calendar year, yet draws on a wide range of traditions and practices; mystical, alchemical, indigenous, astrological, Jungian and nature cycles. Each month offers areas of challenge and exploration opportunities as a multi-layered invitation to develop and deepen appreciation of our own personal relationship with the process of cosmic evolution. The toolkit offered includes techniques from meditation, journaling, re-storying to nature bathing and more. Not every aspect of the book’s invitation will appeal or resonate with everyone, but the diversity of approaches offers gentle challenge to step beyond our comfort zones, an offer to be taken up or left to another cycle. It is clear that our culture and our embeddedness within it must change if human, and other than human life on Earth is to survive, let alone flourish. The challenge of The Soulistic Journey is to take personal responsibility to play our part in becoming part of this positive evolution. The experience of the authors is that this can best be undertaken within a peer group to both support and promote real personal and soulistic growth and the book includes links to explore this option as well as to online resources available to all to enhance the journey.






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Our services and the practices we advocate are not intended to supersede or replace any other therapeutic programme that has been prescribed, nor supplant any health approaches that may already be in place. Those who suffer with uncertainty about their mental health, or who are fearful of change or struggle with anxiety, are advised to participate in this Programme fully aware that it can be challenging and life-changing. Always have friends, family or therapists available for support.