Heart and soul made of light
Fell to earth to experience the dark beauty of human night
Childlike teacher, full of awe
Connected to all that is, forgetfulness to endure

Shines so bright, she dazzles the masculine sun
Drawing his warm rays to caress her as she runs
The beauty way, abounds within
Outwards this is reflected in every path she begins

Treading softly through the forests of earth
Her mother awaits her awakening
A goddess rebirthed

Awaken bright storyteller open your hearts eyes
Shine your imagination outwards to lighten the planets skies
Fly swiftly on your rainbow wings, into the dawn
Of humanities heart, ready to be cradled as it’s reborn

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Reflections of Grace  
  1. It is more often quiet than loud
  2. It speaks the language of the heart
  3. It dances in light and dark
  4. It connects every living and dying thing
  5. It is the force behind miracles
  6. She / he appears in many guises
  7. It is there at our beginning and our ending
  8. It seduces us into our greatest adventures
  9. It allows us to let go and to let in
  10. It unifies and separates
  11. Grace is a gift given through the eyes, the breath, the kiss
  12. You are its holy longing
  13. It is what makes you ... you