I regularly find myself talking to people about the difference between story-telling and story-making. Here is my take. The former is an inherently human activity that helps us derive meaning of the world and our place in it. The latter is how we actually transform our inner and outer circumstances. Story-making is where the rubber hits the road and we are asked to walk our talk, in order to manifest new possibilities and opportunities. This only happens we commit and say ‘yes’ to new life experiences.

Most ‘new’ things, by their very nature, take us out of our existing narrative comfort zones and into unknown territory. The fact that we have never ‘been there’ before activates inner resources and strengths that may have previously been hidden. Unless we dare to push our boundaries, we may never know what we are capable of.

Lived experience (or as I prefer to call it, ‘adventure’) is the vessel within which we alchemize the base lead of our old stories into the gold of our potential future.


  • When was the last time that you embarked on an adventure into the unknown?
  • When was the last time that you did something completely different and out of character?
  • What places / quests did you imagine going to as a child ? Have you forgotten them and the clues they hold to your true story?


It’s too easy to forget that our lives are here to be lived as a daily adventure into the unknown of the world. We too quickly fall into habits and traps of limitation, all driven by the perceived restrictions in our lives. Simply realizing that you have been living in a rut can be enough to open the door to new possibilities that were previously hidden by assumptions of lack. Saying ‘yes’ to new experiences, gives our imagination permission to break through old narrative barriers and create new perspectives and outcomes.


It is through experience that we are forever changed.

 Tough Bliss: Restorying Life


We are hosting a number of story-making journeys in 2018. Each one has been developed to have its own specific mythic flavour and challenge.


Are you feeling the call to adventure?

Come play with us.


Our 2018 Quests & Adventures

Restory Your Life – An Online Quest

Reconnection Journey – An Online Quest

Restorying Life – A Quest in Avebury, UK

The Path of the Heart – A Quest with Brooke Medicine Eagle in Avebury, UK

Wholeness and Holiness – A Quest with Brooke Medicine Eagle in London, UK

Reconnection Journey – A Quest in Hawaii, USA



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  “Most of us know from experience that gratitude is an energy that fuels our sense of health, well-being and freedom but how often do we use it to communicate directly with the universe? If our thoughts and feelings eventually become the experiences and physical reality of our lives (which I believe is true), then the emotions we feel act as powerful channels of communication to the energy and essence of the world around us. The more often we become conscious and deliberate in our use of this powerful emotional energy, the faster we become co-creators of our authentic story.”

Extract from Tough Bliss: Restorying Life



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