This week my family and I decided to undertake a daily gratitude practice. The longer the lockdown continues, the deeper we are able to connect and create in new ways. Remember, reconnect and restory is a mantra that will not leave me these days.


Never before have I been in one place for so long and never before have I seen the gifts of quiet inner time.


Everyone seems to be talking about returning to a ‘new normal’ but I am choosing to see this as an opportunity to return to a ‘ new natural’ balance. One than honours the inner and outer arcs of attention in our human and more than human lives.


The things I am most grateful for in lockdown, are those that create a natural balance in my world and my relationships.


In 2020, the things that I am most grateful for are –


  1. Home cooking every day
  2. Watching the sunrise and set
  3. Sleeping for more than 6 hours a night!
  4. Hugging my husband whenever I want to
  5. Planting veggies and medicinal herbs in my garden
  6. Daily yoga and meditation (I have been saying I would do this for years!)
  7. Family Zoom nights
  8. Working from home – balancing laundry with emails
  9. Getting to projects that have been on the back burner for far too long
  10. Spring cleaning
  11. Reading for pleasure
  12. Taking weekends off!
  13. Online retreats and classes
  14. Daily teaching from my inner wisdom
  15. Writing!
  16. Walking in the sunshine
  17. Foraging and making natural medicine
  18. Being healthier than I ever have for taking care of my immune system
  19. Feeling deep compassion for all those who are suffering
  20. Experiencing deep Earth connection
  21. Clearing and cleansing of grief
  22. Love in all its forms



What’s your daily gratitude list?


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