These are the times of unravelling.

I have said it before, and I will no doubt say it again.

Unravelling is as easy or hard as we make it.


The stories we have clung to over the previous hundreds of years are fading away.


Our choice now is whether we will fade with them or embrace a phase in human evolution where we simply don’t yet know the answers.


This is akin to being lost.


Lost in unknown territory, without a map or a compass.


And this is a place that is often deeply uncomfortable to most of us.


Our society has wrapped us in the wool of forgetting.

It tries still to numb us to the pain of the world that has come into being because of our compliance.


The fog of partial truths, conspiracy, lies and fear clouds our inner senses to the point that we are lost inside of ourselves.


Now is the time to embrace the unknown.

And the unknowable.

And in that process find ourselves once again.



Often people will ask me how I can be so joyful in the world with the challenges and circumstances that we are collectively facing right now.


How can I laugh so often when I am so far away from the people and places, I love with very limited means of returning to them any time soon?




Because in my core I trust that there is a much bigger story afoot right now than any of us can possibly imagine or sense into fully.


The human adventure is fraught with danger and uncertainty, yet these are the very things that hone our strengths and our sense of truth.


One of the primary lessons of individuation is to learn what ‘truth’ is to us and how to place our truth in service of others and the planet within which we learn these lessons.


Individuation has been twisted in these last few centuries to mean selfishness, competition and scarcity yet the other side to these shadows is uniqueness, diversity and service.


Each of us comes into this life with specific lessons to learn and paths to explore. No one life is the same as another and each life is vital to the health of the whole Earth ecosystem.


You are vital and essential.

Your journey through life is the only one like it.


So why would you let anyone take that away from you?


Being consciously lost is a fertile state of potential where we open to opportunities as they are presented to us. We embrace uncertainty as mystery and find the inner courage and fortitude to keep putting one foot in front of the other no matter what others may do or say.


Through being lost, we find ourselves.

We discover our resilience.

We remember our story.


So why don’t we get lost you and I?

Wander through the forest seeking the unseen paths that only Deer know?


Let’s retreat into the silence of the tree’s and find ourselves hiding there.

Waiting to be discovered.

Again, and again and again.


Each time more beautiful and true.



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