When was the last time you died?


Might sound like an odd question if you are sat at your computer or phone reading this feeling very much ‘alive’ in order to do so.


But how would you define living?


“Alive or just breathing?”


A tad cliché but worth considering.

A truth I have found over the years is that we die many times whilst supposedly being alive. An ancient yogic axiom reminds us that with every night when we sleep, we die a mini death to the day that has been and arise the following morning with new life – reborn.


Whether you wish to embrace this or not, take a look at your life story and see how many times you have had to let go.



Let go of relationships and your identity that was created within them.


Let go of friends, family or influential teachers in your life and the relatedness between you that in some small way defined who you were.


Let go of jobs, places, situations that were seemingly beyond your control but actually ended up propelling you in a new direction and towards a new reality.



See – we die many times over during the course of our ‘lives’ and the faster we can learn to surrender to the process, the more ease, grace and joy enters into the resurrection after we let go.



Sometimes death is a physical release.

More often a mental and emotional one.


More frequently than that even, are the mini soul deaths that occur when we have an ‘ah ha’ or expand our worldview. Each time we expand, we are reborn into a new, fuller, more evolved sense of self.


What is this is not a rebirth?

Or perhaps an evolutionary leap in our consciousness.



When we cling to comfort zones, remain paralysed with fear or allow our anxiety to keep us locked in habits, we live as frozen particles in time. Dead to change, opportunity and expansion because we refuse to surrender the old narrative particle patterns.


But when we move with ease and joy through each mini death, we traverse the world in wave form, free and flowing with molecules that create the circumstances and experiences that our choices determine.



So the trick is to realise you are stuck in particle land and bring yourself back from the dead zone.


How do you do this?



Awareness, choice and surrender in equal measure tend to be the recipe that I create.

Trust is the icing on this cake that makes the process of death and resurrection especially sweet – albeit not easy.


Inspired action must accompany this dish otherwise we never create enough momentum to punch through the stuck patterning.



“To know and not to do is not to know at all”


Confucius I believe.


And love.

Love always leads you.


Death is just another doorway.

Into wave form.


Why not dance instead of freeze.


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