When we were kids, many of us would have heard the story of the genie that lived in a magic lamp and would appear when you rubbed it to grant you three wishes. Few of us however, would have believed the truth hidden within the metaphor of this ‘fairy-tale’.


Every story has a grain of truth within it, and yet it is partial.


What if the story of the genie in the lamp was based on modern physical laws?


What if wishes really do come true through our habitual thoughts, feelings and subsequent actions as opposed to the rubbing of a mythical lamp?


Research from new science would tell us so.


Quantum physics for decades has been pointing us towards the realisation that our universe and everything in it is created from molecules organised by in-forming patterns based in frequency and vibration. These patterns have been shown to respond to human intention – or perhaps we could call this ‘wishing’.


What if everyone has the ability to call up their genie (molecules) through their thoughts and intentions?


Can you allow yourself to really consider this possibility? If you do, your whole approach to ‘wishing’ may change.


Let’s take this out of the esoteric for a moment and focus on ‘real life’ (whatever your definition of that may be). I have recently found myself working with a number of people exploring how to hack our narratives of judgement and anger. A challenging and advanced practice for those of us who are ready to break free of negative cycles of life experience based on a dangerous wish – that of righteousness. When we feel the need to be right, our intentions create the dynamics of superiority and separation, sending powerful wishes out to our genie’s. These ‘wishes’ create stress, conflict and turmoil. We close down curiosity, inquiry and empathy in favour of competition, and our genie creates experiences based on these molecular frequencies.


Let’s try a story hack!


Think back to the last time you felt angry. Find a memory and cast your mind back to the thoughts you were thinking when this powerful emotion hit you.

  • What judgments were you making about the person or event?
  • What stories did you tell yourself to make you feel justified or right?
  • What behaviours did you display to align with the story in your head?
  • What intentions/expectations did you have that ended up creating the experience you had?


Can you imagine how this situation might have unfolded differently if you had been able to access an alternative story and therefore hold different intentions? What would have happened if you had been able to detach from your anger and sit for a moment in compassion or empathy?


What experience did you command your genie to create for you?


It’s not easy to hack our old stories in this way but the first step comes from awareness.


Awareness of the power that our thinking has to command the genie molecules of our experience.


Awareness that we alone have the power to change our beliefs and thoughts and therefore our experiences.


Awareness that our story is limited by the degree of our openness and willingness to change.


Are you willing to be ‘wrong’ or recognise that you have been limited in your wishing up until now? As soon as we let go of the need to be right and the feeling of superiority that comes with this, we gain control of our genie and can wish for things that we actually want to experience.


Or perhaps you enjoy anger?


Your wish is the universes command.


Want to dive deeper into the world of storyhacking? Why not join us on our weekly narrative adventures?

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  • Marcey DiCaro September 7, 2018   Reply →

    Gen, You have so blossomed in your work and abilities to weave stories and redefine them. Blessings, my friend and Gratitude for what you bring to the planet! Love you.

    • Genevieve Boast September 10, 2018   Reply →

      Thanks my wonderful friend ! I really appreciate you in my life and our wonderful reconnections at just the right time and place! Blessings x

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