Don’t rush

This is the moment of magic

The moment when you get to rest between choice and experience


Take a breath and


Allow everything outside to gently hush

And know that everything is really inside

Of you


In this ever-present eternal moment of silence

The pregnant catalyst of life

Can you hear it?


A new story is beginning to take form

Somewhere inside of you



Can you hear it?


Amongst the noise of a dying year?

Within the anxious moaning of a media system that senses its end time is coming.


2021 has begun this very morning.

And it awaits our shaping, as clay awaits the potter’s inspiration.

Or stone the skilled hand of the sculptor.


So, what will you choose to experience?

What will you choose to listen to?

And who?


The outer world is but a fabrication of the inner landscape.

I know you know this


But do you really KNOW it?

Gnosis I mean.


The kind of knowing that is unquestionable and absolute.


The stories we eat and drink, infiltrate our inner cauldron and form the ingredients that make the magical brews we end up living.


The words we hear and speak are pure molecular power.

They form realities.

Faster than any of us would like to realise.


So, choose carefully.

And consciously.


This year, there is no room for victimhood.

No space for helplessness.

No time for complaining.


They faded with the last breath of yesterday’s year.


The energy of the new year is calling us to rise up and expand our sense of who we are.

To open our arms and hearts to embrace the changes that are occurring simultaneously at every level of life on Earth.


For life knows how to evolve.

And how to transform.

And how to whisper its secrets to those who are listening.


So, can you hear it?


The beat of your heart

The siren song of your path

The call of the Earth as she calls to us to take our place in the new story



If you can’t hear it, you will


If you want to.



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