A year or so ago, I had an epiphany whilst sat eating breakfast with my boyfriend. Looking across the table and realising (again) that I was completely in love with him, completely in love with our life and completely in love with myself, made me realise that there is one true secret to life…. and that’s connection.

I looked back over the 32 years of my life and saw that every time I have been struggling, every time I have been frustrated and every time I have been confused and unable to make a decision, it was because I had allowed myself to loose connection with whatever the source of that feeling was. Multiple relationships had gone down the toilet because I had lost connection to my lover (at the same time loosing the motivation to recover that connection). I had without fail, changed my job every one to two years when I got bored (lost connection) of the role I was doing. I have lived in nine different places in my life so far, each time because I was no longer excited and interested (lost connection) by the place in which I lived.

Equally, my greatest triumphs have come from a place of extreme passion, motivation, drive – you could say connection to the project, person or situation that I was involved in. When I finally learnt in my late twenties how to make decisions that are driven by my values and how connected an option is to my personal truth’s, my life has been blessed with miracles, joy’s, great love and fabulous challenges.

There is not a single person or situation in my life now that I am not intensely connected to in some way because I choose only the things that I connect to. I live according to my bliss. For me bliss = connection.

Is the pattern obvious yet?

How does this work for you? Take a moment and look at your life. Which areas do you feel engaged, excited and connected to? Which ones do you not?

This same principle works in terms of leadership.

Many organizations out there understand the benefits that having people and leaders who are engaged with and connected to the organizational vision and mission is to important bottom line metrics like customer satisfaction and retention. Leaders who are connected to themselves show self-awareness and personal vision, and are therefore able to create connections to other people far more effectively. They are able to connect with the organization in ways that allow them to spot opportunities and future leadership needs based on the evolving nature of their industry and customers. They are connected on multiple levels.

I am constantly being awed and surprised by how people from all over the world today are discovering wonderful ways to connect to each other in new ways. Finding fresh and evolved ways of working, co-creating and being together that are transcending old beliefs around separation and competition.

At Emergency Happiness we dedicate our time to helping people to connect more deeply to themselves, their career, their relationships and to the world around them. To see the light go on in someone’s eyes when they too find their connection is our greatest joy.

We invite you to connect with us further in whatever seems right for you.

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