Take a moment and close your eyes. Think back to a moment in childhood where you discovered something magical; something unseen by the eyes of adults and the hustle of the world around you.

For me, this was a huge Ponderosa Pine tree in my backyard. I remember looking up into its wide arching branches, framed by aromatic needles and mysterious pinecones (I always wondered what was in the centre of the seed of this great tree). I would sit with my back up against my tall friend, feeling its warmth spreading deeply into my bones and skin. Looking up at the crystal clear blue sky towards which its arms stretched in dedication and worship of the sky and the stars at night. I would pretend that the tree was my family and that one day I would also rest with my roots in the earth and my head in the stars and sky.

This was one of many early experiences of enchantment. Of deep connection and wonder at the vast beauty of the world around me. Of feeling as if I was deeply interconnected with that world and that it was my sacred family.

Enchantment is a feeling of sheer pleasure and delight; a state of being in awe and wonder with the unexplainable mystery that is life. This is a uniquely human privilege, where the heart is deeply connected to an eternal moment of beauty and the mind is silent, awestruck, and on a journey to discover even greater bliss. I believe we all have access to enchantment in any given moment, wherever we happen to be. We all have the ability to see and recognise beauty in nature, in each other and most importantly in ourselves. The challenge is reconnecting to our inner child, our inner voice, our inner beloved.

Our inner beloved is that deep part of us that craves connection, love and intimacy with the world around us. It craves play, spontaneity and celebration. It is the part of us that heals ourselves and others; awakening to the inherent joy of being human on this beautiful earth.

So why do we not all live in enchantment all the time? The frenetic pace of our lives, coupled with the fears and insecurities that we are fed on a daily basis by our culture, media and social systems mean that our inner beloved goes into hiding. To protect that vulnerable, exquisite part of our souls we hide it behind closed inner doors. We shut down our own inner magic. We can’t see the enchantment all around us when our social story tells us it doesn’t matter or doesn’t lead to ‘success’ or even worse, that magic doesn’t exist. But it does, and all we have to do is start to discover ways of accessing this in our daily lives.

I am inviting those of you who have been feeling the inner call of your beloved to join me in awakening to the beauty at the heart of all life. I invite you to enchant your beloved within and awaken the most power part of your being. The only person stopping this from happening is you. Perhaps its time to chose a different path; to create a different story?

In November this year I will be joining hands and hearts with my brother Rohan Narse (author and ‘Art of Intimacy’ teacher) and Hassan Ahmed (Egyptian tour guide and soul brother) to host a magical journey down the Nile in Egypt. We are calling all fellow adventurers to join us on a journey celebrating the full expression of who you are and an invitation to experience loving, nurturing and authentic relationships in all areas of your life.

Our trip will begin on the banks of the river Nile in Luxor where we will visit some of the majestic temples and create the foundations for our inner journey. For the second half of the trip we will set sail on a Dahabiya sail boat, the Nile Heaven, journeying down this magical, ancient river towards Aswan. On board the boat, we will integrate and co-create our mythic journey together doing yoga, dancing and holding intimate conversations and group meditations.

Can you hear your inner beloved whispering to you that its time to dance? If so, we look forward to playing with you!

Click here to dance.

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