Forget time, granddaughter

At least your human sense of it

Instead, remember cycles


Experience moves in cycles and flows in rhythms

It dances and expresses itself in ever repeating cadences of creation and destruction


Every Earth day is a cycle

Every Earth day is special


Every moment you have is a chance to lift up and celebrate


Celebrate the moment of quietude

Celebrate the breath moving in and out of your body

Celebrate the essence of life pulsing through your veins, connecting you to every other being in creation


Every moment you are truly present and aware, you are offering a gift to the world

Every Earth day you are here to be that gift

To offer yourself up just as you are

Whole and incomplete


In process


Every Earth day is sacred



This message came to me this week as I sat in the arms of my giant Blue Spruce Grandmother. I basked in the early Spring sunshine glittering down in golden waves through the ancient branches and inhaled deeply, breathing in the essence of pine needles and snow melt.


You see, when we stop for long enough without distraction, the whole world opens up to offer its wisdom and its love.


When we do as my grandmother suggests and ‘forget human time’, Earth time expands in a sphere around us and we relax into the ancient wisdom of the planetary system of which we are an intricate part.


The cycles of life and experience unfold around us. We can see the story of our life within the spirals of the narratives of our ancestors, our culture, and our epoch in history. We feel less small and more integrated.


Less insignificant and more interconnected.


In coming into connection and communion with the universe around us in this way, I find we are able to act with more authority and agency than we ever did when our human ego was trying to run the show. Our lives become a dance of magic and radiance, at the same time as leading us into ever more challenging circumstances and difficult relationships. Things definitely don’t get easier the further into unity we travel but they absolutely get more beautiful and ecstatic.

Extract from Tough Bliss: Restorying Life


Monday the 22nd of April is Earth Day.


What if, instead of dedicating a single day or a single hour to our life on Earth, we decided right now to follow the advice of Grandmother Spruce and dedicate every single moment that we are able to living life as an interconnected Earth citizen?


What does this mean?


We make our decisions as if life in all its forms now and in the future mattered.


We do whatever we can to support all life in small ways, knowing that everything counts in the bigger story of Earth time.


We intuitively understand that what we believe, say and do makes a difference (no matter how seemingly small at the time) and that life knows us from the inside out.


We take the time to celebrate in the small moments and the big.


We make every day an Earth day because we live here, with the awareness that so will generations of humans after us.


Do you need a reminder of how to connect in this way?

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  • Pedro Mota May 8, 2019   Reply →

    Very much needed this inner experience that subjects our ego to the Anima Mundi or the consciousness of the unity of Live…
    Nice way to remember it

    • Genevieve Boast May 8, 2019   Reply →

      Thanks Pedro! Indeed the Anima Mundi is there always in and all around us. I feel like all we need to do is recognize that and listen.

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