This Spring has been glorious in the UK and, as most of us have been at home in lockdown, we’ve able to notice and enjoy it despite the challenges of COVID.


The sun has been shining for days on end, causing buds on the trees to break forth in their glorious, fresh, green hues. They’re vibrant, and new, and shining like candy.


The hawthorn tree (sacred to Beltane on the 1st May) has burst into tiny white blossoms that have the most subtle yet enticing smell if you stop of partake of their nectar. The wild herbs are equally abundant and growing out of every nook and cranny, begging for attention. Many plants have been plucked and tasted as I have taken my daily walks through the landscape and, of course, I have done nothing but stop to smell the flowers of all shapes and sizes.


This week the Swallows have returned to Avebury too. Their playful exuberance is lighting up the skies as they swoop, dive and play over my home.


For those who have access to the natural world it’s all so exquisite that it would be easy to slip off into a blissful dream and forget that we are in the middle of a crisis.


Or are we?


In my line of work I have become very sensitive to the integrity behind a story.


Whether it’s a memory being shared from the heart around a fire, a secret being spoken in private for the first time, or a touching story sneaking its way through the trolling, self-aggrandising noise of social media, a ‘true’ story always holds its own. It maintains its message amongst the myriad illusions and fabrications of the media landscape by softly radiating coherence.


Many such stories are being born under the influence of the COVID global lockdown.


When we are restricted in our outer movements, the only way to find truth is to go within and seek it.


I see it everywhere.


I have been surrounded by many amazing souls who, in the last few weeks, have decided to take a social media and news detox in order to remember what the clear, strong voice of their intuition sounds and feels like.


I have spoken to many beings who have undertaken collective dreaming and visioning work, away from all propaganda, in order to collectively bring through a new story for their communities.


And I know many people who are rediscovering what balance and harmony with their life and environment feels like. People who have had epiphanies of simplicity and revelations of rebirth.


Rebirth is the key word for this extraordinary time on Earth.


Today is Beltane, the ancient festival of fertility, sexuality and joy. Beltane is a time when couples come together and find union through love making. Our forebears would dance around trees and maypoles on this day, celebrating the inherent fertility of Earth and all her inhabitants. It’s a time for conception of all kinds – new babies, new projects and visions. Beltane is about the universal balance of Nature and her cycles, the bursting forth of life and abundance each Spring.


And, boy, is there an abundance of gifts around us all right now. Our current ‘crisis’ is offering a cornucopia of clarity, choice and connection if we choose to see and embrace it. We are all being given the chance to give birth to a new harmony and balance with Nature.


And to celebrate everything we have in radiant joy.


Even the tough times, and the losses that many are suffering.


Because it’s all part of the eternal cycle of life.


What are you celebrating today?

What are you giving birth to?


Every thought is fertile.


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