Heard the acronym USP? Yep, most of us have, especially when we are scouting the job market for our next big career move. Personally I don’t like it. ‘Unique selling point’ to me implies that you have had to come up with a spiel about why people should like you / pay you because the true strength of who you are isn’t shining through. Too many people copy what is on a hundred other CV’s when they describe their USP’s – kinda defeats the object of ‘unique’ don’t you think?

My preferred lingo in this area is UAF (unique attractor factor). What is it that is attractive and magnetic about only me? How am I different from the herd? How can I be the one person on the planet who has the unique ability to change this situation / business partnership / relationship for the benefit of all parties concerned? And so on….

The interesting thing is that this is precisely what people DON’T think about. I regularly ask people attending my happiness workshops to give me one interesting fact about them. Guess what? Most of them can’t answer! I am getting used to looking at a sea of blank staring faces and false humility when people who are actually desperately searching for something to say that will make themselves and others think they are interesting actually utter ‘Oh, well my life is all interesting so it’s hard to pick just one’. Serious BS o-meter moment.

The truth is that we don’t think about it – we should.

Take a moment, seriously. Put down the mobile phone, I-Pad or cup of caffeine and think about it. What is it that is different about you? What do you have that no one else has?

Warning – Steer clear of ‘qualities’ that are prone to repetition by every other member of the human race (I am a ‘hard worker’ etc) and focus on your….

  • Life experiences
  • Beliefs about the world
  • Passions (even if you think they are sad)
  • What makes you sing in the shower (or anywhere else for that matter)

And even, yes you can believe I am about to say this….

  • Your gigantic mistakes that you learned valuable lessons from. This adds spice to the above and shows you are confident enough to learn from your howlers

These are things that make us who we are – when we can talk about them honestly, we are in a place of true authenticity and people love us. We radiate energy and we are powerful people. Take the time to think about your UAF’s today and then go out and tell the world!

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