First you think,
Thinking is safe – no one has to know what is going through the privacy of your head
Then you talk,
Talk is cheap they say,

After all you don’t have to actually DO anything with your talk.
Hardly anyone does.
But words have a life of their own and if said often enough will go on to create opportunities
Opportunities to prove you are brave enough to act on your speaking

This is when you jump
This is when you trust
This is when you move ahead even though fear catches in your throat

The worst bit is the darkness
The chocking black void after you have leapt from your platform of safety into the unknown
When there is nothing, we try and create something to fill the space
Our memories come flowing through us,
Influencing the stories we tell ourselves in the dark
We can choose to give in to them
Or we can rest in the knowledge that they are still just stories
True once but not now

Slowly as we allow ourselves to fall, we start to see light
Pin pricks in the darkness
Bright enough to excite us by their contrast to our current environment
As we focus on the light it starts to grow
We magnetize towards it,
Drawn by its hope and promise

Then it happens
We reach out and touch one
Grab the point of light that is ours and ours alone to take
It’s the light of our future
It’s the light that our soul was leading us to all along
We just had to be brave enough to jump into the darkness in order to find it

It’s the light that is far better then anything we ever could have imagined before
We just had to trust ourselves to find it

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