In Service Of The New Story On Earth


As I realise the light within, I turn golden with my own soul
All my life I have waited for this moment

And this, and this and this
Eternity now
Rainbows reflected in the light of my eyes and your eyes
I let go of lies

The one heartbeat makes me dance in the cells of being
Celebration of life unfolding
Time passes in but one earth story
Limitless now is in the palm of my hand

Old friends and new smile and laugh
The heralding of a new human myth is here
The sun rises high above the old
Now is the time for our hearts to be told

I have found all my answers within after lifetimes of looking without
Lifelines passing in front of my eyes
Pick one
They are there for the choosing
My purpose is to play between them
Dancing in the eternal sun
Holding the space of the timeless moon

I die willingly to the me I have known
Reborn in the instant my decision is made
As I touch the solstice wine to my lips
I taste life
I hear the sound of birds wings as they fly towards the source of all

I am shown why so I can know how
I breath with the earth
I come to wholeness in the sanctuary of the universe

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