Geomayra is one of the strongest and most tenacious women I have ever had the honour of walking besides. She inspires me on a daily basis with her positivity, hope and flat refusal to see her life as anything other than a precious gift.

This testimonial came after the culmination of her year-long Restorying Life coaching programme. Written in her own words, it scratches the surface of the incredible journey we embarked upon together. Through our friendship, I know it will continue for the rest of our lives!

“When I first met Genevieve, almost 5 years ago, I had just started working at a multimedia company. I had a long successful history in the international corporate world, I was driven, successful and determined, however I had already started to question if I was really happy in my situation. If what I was currently doing with my life, although it did give me success, whether it was totally fulfilling and bringing me happiness.

At this point I started to work with Gen to start looking outside the box and outside of my chosen field. To look at other opportunities out there, where I could still use my skills and experience but tap into other areas of my creativity not yet given a chance to flourish.

Unfortunately, just as I started to get my groove on and become comfortable with pursuing a new path I fell ill. Gravely ill. I was diagnosed with a very rare, very aggressive type of cancer, a Myxoid Lypo-sarcoma. I basically had to put my whole life on hold and focus 100% of my attention on fighting for my life.

The next 4 years where like a living nightmare. I was faced every day with decisions that would greatly impact my life, without a full comprehension of what the consequences may be. I underwent a total of 22 major operations over 4 years and so many minor operations I lost count.

I underwent chemotherapy, hypothermia, radiation, brachytherapy and countless other treatments and procedures.

During this time, the only thing that got me through all of this was the love and support of family and friends. Genevieve became my rock, my spiritual guide, my life mentor and my sister. With her help, I pursued alternative therapy and combined this with western medicine to give myself the best fighting chance.

Although I tried to keep a positive attitude throughout, of course it was often hard and I did fall into depression and a feeling that my body and life where no longer my own, but rather a piece of meat that was being cut up, stitched up and prodded. Genevieve, through assistance with nutrition, Reiki, spiritual healing and counseling therapy, helped me take back control of my life, control of my treatment and kept my spirit up and energy strong.

Now that I have successfully beaten cancer (4 times!) I face other challenges in my life. How to deal with and process what I went through and where do I go from here.

I understand that God and the universe had a plan for me, there was a reason I went through all of this and Genevieve is helping me to come to terms with what I went through, understand what it has taught me and create a plan to change my life (both physically and spiritually) so that I can comprehend and fulfill my life’s purpose.

I strongly believe that I would not be where I am today without her love, support and guidance. She is my rock when I need her strength, my angel when I need her comfort and my therapist when I need her council. I still have a long way to go, but with Genevieve by my side, I feel inspired, motivated and the path seems less daunting with her support.

Love and Light”

Geomayra Wittmann, Cancer survivor and all round wonder woman


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  • borvest inkral October 18, 2017   Reply →

    Thanks for this post, I am a big fan of this website would like to keep updated.

  • Bily Ariel November 24, 2017   Reply →

    Thank you for sharing your touching story, blessed be on your journey into harmony.

    • Genevieve Boast November 24, 2017   Reply →

      Thanks Billy! Really appreciate you reaching out on this topic! It’s such a journey for so many people right now and your story is equally inspiring! Would love to record a podcast with you one of these days to share it!

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