As the famous John Muir quote says “the mountains called” and this week, I ran home into their arms.

My home: the Colorado Rockies. I was born here and to here I always return. Yet it hasn’t always been this easy. There were many years where I had no idea how I was going to get back (having moved half a world away to England when I was 6 years old). There were times when I almost gave up on my vision of coming back. Yet I never quite did. I couldn’t. It was a dream that I knew I would create from the imaginal realm – somehow, someway.

It took me years of experimentation, failure and learning lessons the hard way to grasp the basics of creation that I know today manifested my mountain home. There are the basics and then advanced levels of alchemy that come only when we are ready and mature enough to use them properly. There are secret codes and tricks that arrive when you least expect them.

Some of these can be taught, or at least presented in a way that allows you to learn how to use them in your own way. Then there are those that only reveal themselves when you are ready. It’s your human quest to uncover and find these ‘master creator tools’ often hidden within the fabric of our daily experiences.

For now however, I wanted to share a few of the basics that I have found time and again, open the doors to consciously creating what we want in life rather than unconsciously creating what we don’t.

Try them out for yourself.
You will soon feel their power.


The basics of creation

1. You have to start with a dream that is really yours.
2. To create, you have to let go of everything that gets in your way (old stories and beliefs that tell you why it will never happen is a good place to begin).
3. Creation begins in imagination and ends in action – take action every day in some way.
4. Inspired actions, no matter how small, create waves of momentum. Ride them.
5. Love turbo charges manifestation. Create only that which you love.
6. Celebration and gratitude clears the way for our creations to take root. Be grateful for the small and the big steps on the journey.
7. Saying NO, opens the door to our biggest YES’S
8. If you stop hiding, opportunities find you. You deserve to create the things you truly desire.
9. First you have to believe, then you have to know. Knowing only comes after jumping off the cliff of uncertainty.


Our mission at Beyond Human Stories is to help you step out of being a victim of what happens to you in your life and step into being an empowered creator and writer of your unique story.

If you are ready to create something really special but don’t know where to start or know that you have been sabotaging yourself for years why not hack the pattern?

Jump into your creative adventure and join us on one of our restorying journeys.

You won’t regret it !
Your life will never be the same again.

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