Over the course of my life I have had the privilege of connecting with many, many different people. People from different countries, cultures, backgrounds and ages. One of the things I have realized that we all have in common? The human affliction of the ‘I’m too busy’ disease. I have also seen this disease appearing in many different forms….

The ‘I’m too stressed / under pressure’ strain.
The ‘there is always so much to do’ variation (usually coupled with the ‘working hard leads to success’ variety).
And of course the ever popular ‘if I don’t do it, who will’ virus which is almost always followed by the undercurrent of ‘if I don’t do it personally then the whole thing will fail’.

Mmmmmmmm…..recognize any of these in you? In the modern western world, most of us have suffered regularly throughout our lives and a large population of us are terminal cases.

Noticing this disease as a common topic of conversation amongst the people I am currently working with as clients, I became curious as to the root of this disease within human consciousness.
As the root of this and indeed ALL things that we create within our life experiences do lie in our consciousness. It starts with our individual consciousness, which in turn is programmed and influenced by the accepted collective consciousness of our media, society and culture.
What we choose to accept as our beliefs (and stories of how the world works) become the filters through which we view the world and our experiences within it.

My consciousness knows the forms and filters of this disease only too well given I used to be a terminal addict when I worked within the corporate world.
I very much had held the belief of ‘to be successful, I need to DO everything I can to impress those around me. I need to work long hours, do everything myself and be the savior of those around me who didn’t know any better’.
Wow….how these stories had ruled me!
Little had I known at the time that everyone around me that I was judging in this manner was thinking and feeling almost exactly the same way that I was. We were in a collective hallucination where we were imagining ourselves to be the only ones who were in this situation. The reality was we were creating the very situation that we found ourselves in. Our egos were collectively creating a story of separation, busyness and stress which simply was a choice we were making.

The real root of this disease is that underneath the symptoms of busyness, stress and overload are the core beliefs that many of us are taught at a very young age.

I am not good enough as I am right now (so I have to work harder and harder to be good enough)

Happiness, love, success is something to be attained outside of myself (and I must work hard to achieve it through money, status and power).

I am not enough FULL STOP (experienced enough, old enough, beautiful enough, charismatic enough, popular enough etc etc…the list is endless)

Through the culture and education in ‘competition and comparison’ that we all have from the time we can walk, we learn the root of the root here which is that ‘WE ARE NOT ENOUGH AS WE ARE’. We learn that we have to strive, to try again and again and to compete our way through life to achieve a level of socially acceptable happiness, love and success.
We learn to feel FEAR whenever these beliefs are triggered in whatever situation is unfolding. The feeling of fear (and the avoidance of it) drives our choices and our actions and creates the ‘I’m too busy symptoms’.

What a load of complete CRAP!!!!!!!!!!

And the remedy for the root of this disease and all its symptoms that are expressed in the ‘too busy’ strains?

To wake up and remember the truth.

  • What is the truth?
    That from birth, we are perfect…..we enough as we are
  • That life is a game when we choose to believe this. We get to choose how we play the game of consciousness unfolding. We choose our own rules.
  • That we are infinite souls in a human body, having a human experience. We are ‘human beings’ not ‘human doings’. The purpose of life is to wake up to our infinite nature as a BEING of consciousness
  • That when we remember the truth, we relax into it. We find peace, joy and love as the very nature of our soul and life unfolding. We have no stress, no demands, no need to compete because all of these things are illusions. We remember that fear is actually ‘false evidence appearing real’.
  • That when we flow with the truth, when we relax, choose our rules and ALLOW our real strengths and abilities to emerge from this space of being, we perform better than we ever have. We empower others to perform to the best of their abilities from a place of safety, truth and joy

The biggest fear based illusion that our egos create is the story that ‘we are not in control of the things that happen in our lives’. Our deep beliefs and the rules by which we live our lives are the very things that create the experiences we end up having. When we wake up and realize that we are the authors of our lives, we take back control of the writing of our story.

Are you ready to wake up yet?

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