A friend of mine emailed me this week.

She expressed a deep feeling that the rest of 2020 was only going to get more mad and crazy and not less. She asked what I felt we could do in the face of all our stories breaking down.


I had to stop and think about it.

More than that, I had to feel it in my bones.

Then I walked outside and asked the mountain.


The answers came softly and gently.

They weren’t dramatic (as we humans have a habit of wanting them to be).

They were simple and felt so ‘true’ that I accepted their wisdom into my cells.


In the face of craziness, chaos and unravelling all we can do is turn within and find our own truth – no matter how startling it may seem. Those who have been cultivating practices that allow us to listen to our inner wisdom above the noise of the world will do well in the times to come.


Those who haven’t, will be forced to face their illusions and find their own ways through the forest of noise until they finally connect with their own sense of self and sovereignty.


Then no one and no thing can control you.



As a Tanah from Sacred Ground said to me years ago, “When you reach this level of mastery within, you can be walking through a war zone and nothing can disturb the peace you feel inside”.


Sounds hard?

Perhaps not as hard as you think.

Begin by turning your story lens from facing the outer world as its primary point of reference towards your inner world of intuition and see how fast your experiences change.


Stories are crumbling all around us.

Paradox is rampant wherever we look.

Dark and light are subjective and dependent on belief.


Inner truth is everything when we can no longer trust outer truth.


So how do you know truth from lies?

If your story lens is reliant on external information, this will be intensely challenging.

Every story has a grain of truth within it, but it is partial.

Inner truth, intuition, instinct are your only guides.

Epiphany and revelation come in a multitude of forms – your unique style needs discovering and practicing.


Questions you may wish to ask yourself in these times of transformation are –


Are you willing to expand your narrative lens to embrace new information?


How open are you to being proved wrong and having your worldview crumble?


Are you able to admit your places of denial and open up to being ‘wrong’ or at the very least to have been sucked into an illusion?


Can you commit to a practice of seeing with new eyes, hearing with the ears of truth (Universal not Human) and feeling your gut instinct into the situations and challenges that now come your way on a daily basis?




Saying ‘yes’ is the first step in your journey to truth and wholeness.


Humility is essential. No one of us holds the whole story.

Instinct and intuition are your inner guides.

Synchronicity your outer one.


Once you embark on a quest for truth, you will be challenged at every level of your identity, your beliefs and the structures you have created in your life to survive in the world that is collapsing.


But you will find strength. You will find courage. And you will find your deep sense of evolutionary purpose guiding you every step of the way.


So are you ready to say ‘yes’?

Let the quest begin.


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