Turning weight into light is our journey as a spirit in human form. Being human is heavy sometimes. The heaviness of the layers of protection that we build up as we grow. The layers of beliefs, behaviours, emotional baggage. We reach midlife and realise that we are carrying our own cross upon which we can crucify our own ego or our truth, depending on the path we decide to take. The path to truth and love or the path to lies and limitation.

I realised today that my body is my most reliable barometer reflecting my inner state of being. Where am I still carrying weight?

My tummy, reflecting my need to protect my creativity, my sexuality, my feminine beauty. To hide my truth from the world.

My legs, stopping me from moving with speed, swiftness and knowing when I am aware it’s time to leap. ‘I can’t run’ a lie I have told myself my whole life.

My arms, making me feel old before my time, stopping me from reaching for people when I feel the urge to connect and hug them for no reason other than we are both human and alive.

I am perfect now. I am expanding into more and more perfection the more choices i make that are aligned with my truth of being. Something my soul knows at its core and yet my human finds hard to accept and embody. Finds hard not to judge against some false socially agreed standard.


The journey towards becoming light is one of constant truth speaking. Constant truth living. In order to become our light body, to bring more light into our cells, in our minds and our hearts we must choose to think thoughts that take us towards the light of our lessons, gifts and blessings whether we have chosen to label the associated experiences as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. To feel light emotions like love, gratitude and awareness and believe things that move us into our truth, that empower us and allow us to expand into our intergalactic self. These things help us to transcend limitation, time and space and become our truth at its core. To become the love that our lives are governed by.

Why do we find loving our human selves so hard?

Most of us are programmed throughout our lives that we are not enough, that we should be more, that we need to strive to achieve societies standards by which ‘happiness and success’ are judged. The thing is that we are waking up from this illusion of reality. We are all starting to challenge this lie. To know deep inside that this is NOT the truth of who we are and why we are here on the earth.

The process of awakening is a journey not a goal. I feel as though I walk up an ever expanding spiral of time and consciousness, always finding more, deeper, wider more expansive areas to distinguish my truth. To choose to be my limitless self. To embody and live from this place of being and hold a powerful space for those around me to find the same in their own way.

I love myself more each and every day. Sometimes this is hard and sometimes it’s easy. Always it’s essential to my human life. My truth is that I am always love. Already love. Only love. It’s time to wake up and know this every moment of every day. To show this in every word, gesture, breath and smile. To take action from this place and know that the universe is in me, supporting me and has my back eternally.


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