The sun shone down, hot and revitalising on my head and shoulders. And the summer breeze whispered through the coin shaped leaves of the Aspen tree’s, gathered like old friends around the flowing waters of the spring.

Bending down, I cupped my hands and lifted a cold, fresh mouthful of water to my lips, relishing every cool droplet as it flowed into my body.


Moon Rock Spring at Sacred Ground.

An old friend.

A teacher.

A reminder.

I found out this week that my nick name Gen means ‘spring’ or ‘source’…….


It is these simple, subtle, yet profoundly important things that give us the clues as to what it means to be human.


It is in the moments of deep stillness and listening that we remember. We recall the things that we love, the people we care about and the moments of insight that forever change us. We see where we are out of balance and where we long for change.


Walking in a sacred way, means listening and honouring all of life as our teacher. It asks that we surrender any sense of isolation or separation. It asks that we step into our inherent power to create the lives that we dream of and that we are fully capable of living. The whole Earth is waiting to support us in this creative process. I know it. I have seen it.


Science tells us that we are interconnected. That we live in a quantum universe of molecules and in-forming patterns and that our thoughts create things and our feelings manifest experiences.


This being the case – why is it that so many people spend their days locked in habits and patterns of fear and anxiety. Why is it so hard for so many to take five minutes a day to ‘do nothing’ but smell the flowers and feel the sun shine on their skin?


These simple acts are the most profound story hacks I know.

Easy is best’ a friend once said to me – it took me over a decade to accept it.


I find my ease and joy in the natural, wild places of this Earth. I find my rejoicing in the laughter and heartfelt hugs of my friends. I find insight comes when I remember to slow down and get quiet.

Really quiet.


When I am quiet, I remember that God is all around and within me.

That every choice I make creates.

That every breath I take is sacred.


I remember who I really AM.

I live from this place and thank life for the miracles that flow.


Thank you Sacred Ground.

Thank you Mother Mountain

Thank you for helping me BE a living prayer of UNITY.


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