I sit here writing this in the place of my dreams.


I sit here in a house that was built by the voice of a land that has been calling me ‘home’ since I was six years old.


I sit here crying tears of grace for the ‘tough bliss’ of a long journey, walked well (most of the time anyway…).


I sit here in a beautiful house made of glass, wood and love in the mountains of Colorado; the place of my birth; the place I left over 35 years ago; my heart home that has finally become my body, mind and soul home.


For those of you who don’t yet know my story, it is one of a girl who was born from the stars into an alien human world. Of losing my ‘home’ time and time again amongst the noise and distraction of the outer world. It is a tale of forgetting and remembering. Of tenacity and grit. Of courage and faith. Of lies and truth. Of joy and pain.


It is far too long to tell here but suffice to say, I have come home after a long adventure out of the wilderness of the human world. Today is the day that I received the front door key for my home in the Colorado mountains; a vision that has kept me alive for most of my short life.


Coming from humble roots, I never gave up. I never let anyone tell me it wouldn’t happen. I always knew I would make it manifest. I always knew that I would find a way home.


I trusted.

Do you?


How much faith do you have in your ability to find your true path of purpose in the world?


How much doubt do you let derail you from living the life you have always wanted to live?


How often do you listen to other people’s stories instead of your own?


Do you know where your true ‘home’ is?


To feel at home in our bodies, minds and souls, I believe we need to have acknowledged the deep intelligence of our hearts that quietly tells us in every moment of every day that we are enough, that we are beautiful and that we are loved. It may sound like a cliché, yet when we are able to hear these inner messages that are given to us in a myriad of ways through the natural magic and synchronicity of life, then we are truly home – wherever that may be. Our sense of safety, well-being and joy comes from deep within our own sense of self-love and self-confidence rather than from any outer source of acknowledgment or success. To fully come home to ourselves is a lifetime’s journey and yet one that we can commit to in every moment when we show a willingness to become our own lover.

Extract from Tough Bliss: Restorying Life by Genevieve Boast


What is your definition and story about ‘home’?


Yes, we have our outer homes but they are only ever catalyzed by our inner sense of being ‘at home’ in the Universe.


My story is a true modern day heroine’s journey.


My story is also yours.


You too have longed for a ‘home’ all your life.

Haven’t you?


You may have decided to forget or smother your desires but they are always there. Waiting to be acknowledged.


Ready to start your adventure home?


Take my hand.


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